Mcgregor Brewery
Mcgregor Brewery
Mcgregor Brewery. Mcgregor's whiskey comes to UK
Member reactions:
Outstanding caricature of McGregor. Congrats on the Bronze, fugit.
Ha, Super Caricature work. Congrats Fugit.
Congrats on the win, one happy Whisky Lover, looks good.

Funny Bare Naked Brewery

Bare Naked Brewery
Need a good buzz after a long days work. Play responsibly and have fun with Bare ... Beer.
Member reactions:
Kissing Beer, cute one.
Congrats on top 5 finish. Wonderful chop.

Funny Homer Simpson CEO of Duff Breweries

Homer Simpson CEO of Duff Breweries
In real life, Homer Simpson is CEO of Duff Breweries LTD.
Member reactions:
I love it, it is very well done, but Homer looks a little too proper. He was always kind of a goof and a slob in the cartoon. This isn't a critique on your work though, it's very clean. I'm just making an observation.
He's only a screw-up in the cartoons. In real life, he's a high powered executive. (But he still has a weakness for donuts.)
By the way....I used a photo of Dick Cheney as the base pic for Homer.
Red donut looks like a spare heart. Just what Dick Cheney needs
Fantastic toonanhumanizing
This was my favorite. I love this. congrats on the bronze. So funny seeing Homer as an executive. Thought this was gold.
Congrats Luna....excellent job on Homer. Love this entry, was my favorite.

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