Christine Ford vs Brett Kavanaugh
 Christine Ford vs Brett Kavanaugh
Christine Ford vs Brett Kavanaugh. Member reactions:
Hahaha Hillary and that expression "Is He Dead Yet" Very topical.
Great Job and matching head's to bodies. Congrats on the Bronze.
Nicely done if not gruesome hahahahahaha. Congrats on the good win. Cheers

Funny Brett Whiteley Path to Light Painting

Brett Whiteley Path to Light Painting
Brett whiteley was an Australian artist, when i saw the provided photo, i was instantly reminded of his matchstick monument in Sydney, thus this piece is dedicated to his work...
Member reactions:
Creative work, and thank you for the interesting trivia.

Funny Eddie Murphy and Brett Ratner at the Acadamy Awards

Eddie Murphy and Brett Ratner at the Acadamy Awards
news link news link 2
Member reactions:
I freaking love the Oscar statuette going through Eddie Murphy's ears.
Nice work . . . especially like the composition and Billy C
i tried to show them as joined together ,, because of the deep loyalty of eddie and brett,, thanks everyone,,
Bronze for Pree, congrats. As a bonus you get to host this year's Academy Awards.
Newsy,,, one day my daughter might be there,,, then i wont boycott it..ol
Bronze congratulations preemiememe. . . . funny stuff and very well done

Funny Brett Favre Mother with Baby

Brett Favre Mother with Baby
Went out of town, wanted to submit my mothers day pic
Member reactions:
yah was pretty ... ed, spent hours looking for the right pics and doing the Chop and my internet went out and I missed the submission
Pity you missed the mother's day contest, but glad you could submit it here. nice chop.

Funny Brett Favre Crying

Brett Favre Crying
Who Needs a Soap Opera When There Is Favre.
Member reactions:
Favre is starting to look like Billy Bob Thornton/John McCain.
Jer, true.

Funny Brett Favre Throws His Career Memories in the Trash

Brett Favre Throws His Career Memories in the Trash
After 15 years in the same uniform, old Brett leaves Green Bay. brett favre info incase you don't know him trash on curb source Longtime Green Bay Packer quaterback, Brett Favre, signs contract with New York Jets.
Member reactions:
Love this, I did one called RETIREMENT in a contest awhile back. I hate Favre. He should have stayed retired. A head dent in the fridge door would be a nice touch.
Nice jerry. see if that dent is good enough.
Two kinds of cheese in the bucket, and they both smell.
Excellent chop, this looks like a very real photo too. Love the "Favre 4" branded bin
Congrats darlin. Luvverly to see you back too. Great chop.

Funny Brett Favre Being Taken to Retirement Home

Brett Favre Being Taken to Retirement Home
Member reactions:
But I'm far to young for that dump
Good one, but I think shadowing may be a bit too dark

Funny Brett Favre the Astronaut

Brett Favre the Astronaut
Last throwing was a little out of measure so...
Member reactions:
Yea, I like this ...very clear and clean...
Me likes. Congratulations on the silver, Twister.
Congrats Twister. My fav in the contest.

Funny Brett Favre Refuses to Play Football

Brett Favre Refuses to Play Football
Member reactions:
Could do with some light on the right shoulder to tone with his face.
I thought this would have been in the top 3.

Funny Brett Favre Bobblehead

Brett Favre Bobblehead
A lot of work went into this. View Souces
Member reactions:
Congratuations on the win, was my favorite in this contest
Good job, Deb, congratulations on the gold trophy.

Funny Brett Favre

Brett Favre
NFL legend Brett Favre announced his retirement this week. Favre was the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers from 1992 to 2007. Announcing his retirement at the press conference Brett broke down in tears and said "I watched many players retire, but never thought it would be so hard..." Favre will be eligible for the NFL Hall of Fame in 2013. Goodbye, Brett! Photoshop anything related to Brett Favre. Some examples are: a tribute to Brett Favre, showing what alternative career he could have chosen, motivational posters with Brett, what he may do in the future, Favre in movies and paintings, etc.

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