A breath of French air
A breath of French air
A breath of French air. Member reactions:
Les clichés sur les français ont la vie dure .
Silver Congrats, Luna C. A great chop with all things French, even white surrender flag Lol Well Done.

Funny The Rose The Anthurium Baby's Breath Digital Art

The Rose The Anthurium Baby's Breath Digital Art
Combine the rose and the anthurium and the result as to be expected is baby's breath. (baby's breath is a soft white small flower),
Member reactions:
Lovely design... The rose and the red petals on the ground were so simple and beautiful good job bob
Mind blowing Creative. Very Creative concept best of luck.
Beautifully patterned on wall, nice and artistic work
5th place.....moving on up Bob. Congrats,great work my friend...welcome back...
Congratulations-getting closer to the Winner's Circle.
Bob. Great to see you back. Your twisted digital art was missed.

Funny Men Can't Breath Under Water

Men Can't Breath Under Water
source as you can plainly see I only used the stock image...everything else has been painted by me.
Member reactions:
thanks guys and gal for your comments...i truly appreciate it.

Funny Penny Breath Mints

Penny Breath Mints
Member reactions:
A great idea and execution and trumped Monica

Funny Bad Breath

Bad Breath
Please view full...

Funny Last Breath Of Earth

Last Breath Of Earth
Member reactions:
You, always, leave a lot of space at top of entry; maybe crop a bit.(.)Conceptually sound to be sure.
Excellent work seen on the titles, perfectly suited to the image
all Thanks a lot

Funny Hold Your Breath Past a Cemetary

Hold Your Breath Past a Cemetary
When driving by a cemetary hold your breath...otherwise a spirit might get inside you....
Member reactions:
OoosooO Spirit getting in but no worry there are some ways to Out those Bad Air ssSSSSOOO
ha ha atleast the spirt is better than the polluted air

Funny Breath Taking Butterfly

Breath Taking Butterfly
Inspired by Nightwish' song Cadence of her Last Breath

Funny Devil's breath

Devil's breath

Funny Chapel Breath

Chapel Breath
Smell's just like grandma.

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