Beer for Breastfeeding
Beer for Breastfeeding
Beer for Breastfeeding. In the News After reading into the details of the story, I can understand the confusion.
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Quality work, but I would darken the white part of the logo a bit to match the dim light of the source picture.
Logos adjusted...thanks for the feedback.
LA leche is spanish, there is a french beer called "Leffe". "Lèche-cul" is something else...
"Leffe" is Belgian beer, not French - will babies become multilingual if you feed them this.
Ratgirl: It's Leche not Leffe on the label. It was magically changed with image altering software for the sake of satire and parody.
Well, Leffe or Leche, the text isn't wrapped around the glass and bottle. Who's kidding who . This site is appropriately

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