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Funny Breastfeeding Pictures

Jolie BreastfeedingFunny Jolie Breastfeeding
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Jolie shown breastfeeding on magazine cover
I bet Brad has some of her milk for his coffee.
Thanks Newsmaster, shame not everybody thought the same

Teddy Bear BreastfeedingFunny Teddy Bear Breastfeeding
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Breastfeeding BeerFunny Breastfeeding Beer
Member reactions:
In the News After reading into the details of the story, I can understand the confusion.
Quality work, but I would darken the white part of the logo a bit to match the dim light of the source picture.
Logos adjusted...thanks for the feedback.
LA leche is spanish, there is a french beer called "Leffe". "Lèche-cul" is something else...
"Leffe" is Belgian beer, not French - will babies become multilingual if you feed them this.
Ratgirl: It's Leche not Leffe on the label. It was magically changed with image altering software for the sake of satire and parody.
Well, Leffe or Leche, the text isn't wrapped around the glass and bottle. Who's kidding who . This site is appropriately

BreastfeedingFunny Breastfeeding
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The original may be found here
this most be the "funniest freaking image" of this contest, just tuern down a bit the saturation or contrast of the faces to blend better all images.

Breastfeeding News AnchorsFunny Breastfeeding News Anchors
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I promise I won't look. Full view is bigger.
Quality stuff. Peek-a-booing add extra

Katie Couric BreastfeedingFunny Katie Couric Breastfeeding
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Katie is determined to outperform the other news anchors.
Looks more artistic than photo-realistic but I like it.

Breastfeeding Melissa TheuriauFunny Breastfeeding Melissa Theuriau
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NBC News BreastfeedingFunny NBC News Breastfeeding
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Live from New York, it's feeding time.
Good one. Another reason to watch news.

Channel 24 News BreastfeedingFunny Channel 24 News Breastfeeding
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No bottle feeding here.
"For the breast of the story, we take you to Stone Phillips."

La Leche BreastfeedingFunny La Leche Breastfeeding
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View full if you don't mind.
The lighting seems a little different on momma. But nice work.

Breastfeeding News AnchorsFunny Breastfeeding News Anchors - [  Marie Claire Magazine published a fake photoshopped photo of ABCNEWS anchor Elizabeth Vargas - who appears to be breastfeeding her new baby boy at the anchor desk. The controversial photo accompanies a Q & A with Vargas in the December issue.  ] To Marie Claire editors: look, if you want to publish photoshopped photos, make them look at least somewhat believable. News anchor breastfeeding a baby at a news desk looks just about as believable as does Katie Couric getting pregnant while interviewing Kevin Federline. Everybody knows she's been on the pill for years. And what's up with all these news companies photoshopping news photos lately? Isn't there one site you are supposed to go to for these kind of things? In this contest you are asked to photoshop news anchors breastfeeding babies at their news desks.

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