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Funny Breast Pictures

Breast Cancer Awareness with RaphaelFunny Breast Cancer Awareness with Raphael
Member reactions:
As advertising becomes more brutal/blunt, i thought to take it to the extreme and make the cancer of the breast something to shock into women checking their own breasts for lump changes, soreness , thickening, the pink ribbon is fro breast cancer awareness day, held annually to raise money and awareness of boobs.
Raphael paintings could be a best source to create awareness of Breast Cancer good one and nice idea

Dick Cheney Giving Free Breast Exams For WomenFunny Dick Cheney Giving Free Breast Exams For Women
Member reactions:

81-year old, posing as a doctor, is arrested for giving breast exams Amazing how much this man looks like former Vice-President, Cheney.
Great. Dr. Frankenstein on the loose. Too real-Good luck.
Thanks, balodiya. Thanks, rajeshstar. Thanks, preemiememe.
Geri. He's not a puppy, but a real dawg, hahaha.

Janet Jackson with Big BreastsFunny Janet Jackson with Big Breasts
Member reactions:

Great caricature. Boy, she sure is one healthy specimen.
WHOA. Not sure where to take my Comment-. Good luck.

Freaky Frog with Large BreastsFunny Freaky Frog with Large Breasts
Member reactions:

had fun making this. enjoy
curvacious little gal
heheehh ... I started to Like Frogs...
you are crazy man salis nice chop and i agree with salis too
She's got legs, saute'd with a hint of garlic please
Reminds me of the 'Night of a Thousand Flashlights' in Vietnam.
Frogs have something more interesting than legs now.
at the end of the day, this is the finniest thing I've seen.

Breast FacesFunny Breast Faces
Member reactions:

Not a good thing to do with sweet baby pics.
What goes on between HIDDEN's ears, I wonder. Weird. Very fitting for FN
are those missing children on them milk jugs.
There is one hellova a Meta4 in there someplace hahahahah Thanks for the laugh

Breast MammogramFunny Breast Mammogram
Member reactions:

I bet those are regulation size.

Kiran Chetry Breast FeedingFunny Kiran Chetry Breast Feeding
Member reactions:

Please Comment Source 1 Source 2
("Millions of men, NOT looking at my face.")
Leave it to Fox News to come up with this plan.
Quality breastfeeding here. I mean chop

News Anchor Breast FeedingFunny News Anchor Breast Feeding
Member reactions:

Can I have some.
"...COVERING tonights big story...and not much else..."
this my fav, nice attention to the details
In other news today, breastfeeding is becoming more and more of a public thing

Breast MilkFunny Breast Milk
Member reactions:

Public health officials have determined that not breast-feeding may be hazardous to your baby's health. However, if you use Bad-Idea™ BEST® Milk cartons, you don't have to worry about that. Please View in Full.
HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN. Abducted by aliens... hahaha. good one
This milk comes from attractive human milk containers

Breast DigestFunny Breast Digest
Member reactions:

Oops, another double comment. (maybe a double vision thing this time).
I think more men would buy it than women.

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