Breakout . Member reactions:
Thanks Hits and Reggie 😎👍🏼
Congrats on the bronze. I figured this for 1st
This was brilliant with tons of creativity and imagination. Congrats on the Bronze, PS.

Funny Frog Breakout

Frog Breakout
Sometimes a long tongue comes in handy.
Member reactions:
I am surprised this didn't place in the top 3. It's hilarious and well done
One of the kost interesting compositions in this concept. I have enjoyed many details here.

Funny Duckling Breakout

Duckling Breakout
Brian the duckling had had it with being an outsider. Time to sell out and join the flock.
Member reactions:
, look at the one in back, he's busting out but isn't a chick breakout, disguised as a ducking. funny One.

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