The Stone Breakers Painting
The Stone Breakers Painting
The Stone Breakers Painting. I Made this entry for the apprentice contest but I guess I can't enter that one anymore because I have 5 golds. Oh well, after I made it I thought I might as well post it here. The 'Hammering Man' reminded me instantly of Gustave Courbet's painting 'The Stone Cutters' so I added him to it.
Member reactions:
Lucky for us ametuers. Nice treatment on the hammer dude. Ya might wanna crisp up the shadows where his boot meets the ground, especially if u wanna keep that 5 gold lead...Ha.
Im guessing this fine contestants name starts with an L. i did the same thing a short while back, thought u needed 5 trophies not a few trophies and couple medals gold.
The posterization on this is spot-on. Awesome job. Actually, my guess is the first initial is a "p". Either way, I am plenty glad you graduated, for your sake AND for mine . (Maybe my 'Hammering Man' stands a chance now.)
Very artistic - I'm impressed how well you blended this figure into the famous painting
Is looks like it wasn't even toughed by photoshop.

Funny Paris Hilton Hadcuff Prisoner Breaker

Paris Hilton Hadcuff Prisoner Breaker
The World's Handcuff Queen & Prisioner Breaker Please view full before vote SOURCE
Member reactions:
The idea is a gem. Paris Hilton the performer I love the advert: "Nothing on Earth can hold Paris a prisoner"
This is freaking awesome. Love how you included Paris' dog, Tinkerbell.
. . . she's got some powerful arms there.

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