I also BreakDance.
I also BreakDance.
I also BreakDance.. Member reactions:
Congrats on the Gold Vicspa. A wonderful work of art.
thanks UncleChamp, I'm pleasantly surprised it won.
LucianoMorelli, I put together 6 other images not counting the supplied one.
Congrats On the Win, Vic. Great colorful, entertaining, has it all Image.

Funny Breakdancing During Ballet Practice by Degas

Breakdancing During Ballet Practice by Degas
Member reactions:
Classic artist taking Break and doing some stretching and today's artists were dancing good chop and nice art choice

Funny Breakdancing

Member reactions:
Yoo... this is a new idea to get the balancing job done

Funny Breakdancing Looter

Breakdancing Looter
When he's not looting he's dancing... I did this piece by piece, so if there's some defects or something wrong ...sorry.

Funny Breakdancing in Paris

Breakdancing in Paris

Funny Breakdancing for Donations

Breakdancing for Donations
Please view in full. Thanks.
Member reactions:
Hilarious. Love this literal take of the word "change": I'm like Obama, I want change.

Funny Extreme Breakdancing on Mountain

Extreme Breakdancing on Mountain

Funny Breakdancing on a Spinning Top

Breakdancing on a Spinning Top
Member reactions:
Almost a clean sweep for G0. Congratulations on the wood.

Funny Man Breakdancing Underwater

Man Breakdancing Underwater
Let's Play And Dance. Full View Please.
Member reactions:
This is nice work. The only thing I'd change is maybe adding a little more shadow on the smaller dolphin. I think the dancer would cast more of a shadow on that dolphin. Hope this helps.
I think his left hand should be into the sand. I've tried this manuever underwater, and distinctly remember my hand sinking about 1/2 to 1 inch into the sandy bottom. This was in Hawaii, so perhaps this is the Atlantic Ocean where there is a more dense sandy bottom. Perhaps Sponge Bob knows the real answer to this question.
Nah, he's weightless and that's firm coral sand. Nice work.
I find this very realistic and superb work. The guy does look underwater, and bubble splashes add more realism to it. Oh, and dolphins seem to be enjoing it as much as I do
This is so good....glad there's not a stingray close.
This one it´s a very fine composition. Congratulations¡

Funny Breakdancing in a Ballet Class by Degas

Breakdancing in a Ballet Class by Degas
Member reactions:
This is Great... Hilarious. Great work, and you got a good shadow on the break dancer...great work.
Brilliant. The texture and integration is so real, you'd almost think it's original Degas.
Brilliant. ....Shoulda taken out the guy with the violin. Love the boom-box.
cool. the only thing that i see is the highlight to the arms, it should be the same with the legs of the dancers. Considering that they have all the same shadows.

Funny Village Breakdancing

Village Breakdancing
This Thursday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Breakdancing (also called B-boying) originated in the 70s in New York among black and Puerto Rican youths. It is typically danced to hip-hop, funk music, and especially breakbeats. There are four key elements in this street dance - power moves, toprock, downrock, and freezes. Though not as popular nowadays as it once was, breakdancing is still performed by die hard fans who remember the glorious breakdance years - 70s and 80s. One such die hard fan is shown in today's stock photo. And in case you are wondering, the photo is NOT photoshopped. Photoshop this photo of village breakdancing any way you wish. Some examples are - show where the breaker can perform his dance, put him in some unexpected environment, etc. (Image credit: bark)

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