Obama Joins Brazillian Soccer Team
Obama Joins Brazillian Soccer Team
Obama Joins Brazillian Soccer Team. Member reactions:
I never thought that Obama resembles a Brazilian, but you have shown us that he does.
Obama facial expression suites for every expression and here it fits well to prove himself to be a Brazilian good one

Funny Brazillian Coffee Worker

Brazillian Coffee Worker
... if you are interested.
Member reactions:
Super. Here's a suggestion.
Great work... Like the color balance nice idea of beans going through and crushing it in his brain
Wood congrats, Salis. Very creative. Would work as an ad "I'm not myself till I make me some coffee."
Interesting guy, huh. From India I would imagine from what his tats say. Were you rushed. It's not like you to forget to drop detail back in on the shirt. Actually thought this would win. I did not see the shirt omission until just now.
Congrats, Salis2006. Amazing quality picture.

Funny Brazillian Big-Hair Salon

Brazillian Big-Hair Salon
Member reactions:
OOL Cracked me up
, Thanks Mac. I had a lot of fun doing it. It won't win. But it makes a nice contribution to the contest. I don't really play to win. I Just enjoy sharing my pictures
Thanks News Master. This picture was so much fun creating and was rather simple to do.

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