The Wurst Bra
The Wurst Bra
The Wurst Bra. . Member reactions:
Really iiiiiicky hahahahahaa but marvelous ..... He looks like a Al-Qaida poster girl clean for top 5

Funny Woman in a Bra Doing Her Hair in Renoir Painting

Woman in a Bra Doing Her Hair in Renoir Painting
Shame she hasn't got an electricity supply.(The modern brassiere was invented by Mary Phelps Jacobs in 1913. She got a patent for her design in November 1914.). Member reactions:
Nice coverings yes she needs the hair remover... good thought
Great blending work, one of my favorites.
Great blending, and I like the composition.

Funny Pippa Bra Fishing at Royal Wedding

Pippa Bra Fishing at Royal Wedding
. Member reactions:
This is Freaking. Now, he likes it toooo much.

Funny Charlie Sheen with a Bra on His Head

Charlie Sheen with a Bra on His Head
I think this Photograph enoughs to fire him...Here are sources usedYes here is the previous version with out Top thing. Previous. Member reactions:
50,000 in hookers maybe Heidi Flice can give him a loan
nice work. you can keep working till the contest is finished,,
I'm trying to figure out how this shows the way he was fired.
Thanks Preemiememe and all. But a Little bit unhappy with the votings. Anyway I know some times it happens.
Woow, amazing work. Love it, hope you will be at least on the top 3.
Thanks Sunshin3, I hope so, but may be i am little bit hard luck today.
you cant judge by the voting.. it changes at the end,, and theres so many talented ppl on here.. you are among them hidden
Hmm. Let me see Preem. I know FN is Talented House.
Technically a wonderful chop on its own, and it would definitely score higher if you clearly showed he he gets a "fired" message (as contest directions ask). This chop, no matter how good it looks, showed just possible reasons to get fired.Perhaps a note written by lipstick on that bra saying "You are Fired".Just a thought
Newsy and PreemI commented the First Comment when i was between 9 - 13.So, I was a little bit unhappy at that time. But Now Ok.Ya, I should include fired in my Chop. I will not make such mistake in future.
Thanks Kratos

Funny Raining Bras on Tiger Woods

Raining Bras on Tiger Woods
. Member reactions:
Putting his balls into those cups will take all year.
Oh, Newsy...bwahahahah. And, sassy...naughty, naughty girl.
congrats for Woods.. opsss wood
heyyy congrats. you have such a great sense of humor.... good work... congrats
Bet U enjoyed lifting bras all night. I see it gave U a woody.
Thanks, SirJoe. Thanks, Pree. Oh, doodydog..yes, it gave me a Woody. HAH.
Hilarious stuff pcrdds.. congrats and thx for the laff's..
haha ya know I though of this idea too nice work and Congrats
This chop got a woody. Is this a coincidence for someone who knows nothing about the blue pills. Congrats Paul mate.
Thanks, Newsy. idea about those pills. Pure coincidence.

Funny Pamela Anderson Miracle Bra Advert

Pamela Anderson Miracle Bra Advert
Sometimes a girl needs a little help.. Member reactions:
I know it was simple, but I liked the idea, so I thought I'd toss it out there.And besides, hey...Pamela Anderson.

Funny Womans Bra

Womans Bra
I think he's choosing poorly. But that's just me.

Funny Clap Bra

Clap Bra

Funny Madonna's Bra on Wesley Clark

Madonna's Bra on Wesley Clark
Madonna's promise to lend her "support" to Wesley Clark wasn't quite what he had in mind.... Member reactions:
He'll be looking long and "hard" at both issues

Funny Terrorist Bra by al-Qaida

Terrorist Bra by al-Qaida
I dreaded doing this.. hoping that it will never be tried. If so, I guess all women might have to go bra-less or be searched thoroughly. What a shame that would be.. Member reactions:
Holy cow. I bet they've thought of this one.
OK, this is a classified information. Why did you have to give it away. Great entry.
Maybe some day the bra industry will go wireless.Nice one.

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