John Bradley
John Bradley
John Bradley.

Funny Sniper Bradley Cooper

Sniper Bradley Cooper
Member reactions:
This 'Sniper' is spelled with 4-"i's" - Ah, ha.
Simple and silly Thanks to Luciano, eric, Swash, Balodiya, and Triplex
Congratz on the Silly Silver You picked a Great Movie to work your magic, and the chalk graffiti perfect.
Hi-Yo Silver, Tim. Congrats. Excellent.
Ete can see you have worked hard Tim ...
, I appreciate the attempt, Chris hahahah. I thought you might be speaking French, then ete I caught the typo

Funny Bradley Cooper as Elvis

Bradley Cooper as Elvis

Funny Bradley Cooper Caricature

Bradley Cooper Caricature
Full view Please......
Member reactions:
Hahahahahah what the heck is that on his head.. That sure is some kind of squirrelly wardrobe you picked for him . Great job.
Great One my friend. Ha...Bradley is now no longer on the top ten heartthrob list.
Silvercanine, your caricatures are always a treat.

Funny Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez with Flipped Faces

Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez with Flipped Faces
Member reactions:
They look like they could just kiss, hahaha.

Funny Bradley Manning the Informer

Bradley Manning the Informer
Member reactions:
Super merge and real life's MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, he has done piratical job.. I still confused did he right or.
Nice to see him putting into the Tom Cruise photo really amazing photoshopy done in this poster good job
zeees; thanks hidden let us know abt the real ghost

Funny Saint Bradley Manning

Saint Bradley Manning
Member reactions:
Saint. You're confused-it's 'Traitor'. Nice effect.
I concur with geriatric. To my knowledge, no saint ever did anything to get others killed. Manning betrayed his country. There is clear evidence he did so to protest 'don't ask, don't tell:"...marching against Donít Ask Donít Tell in the DC pride parade, where he spoke to reporters about his position, in addition to attending a fundraiser with Gavin Newsom and the Stonewall Democrats so he could discuss the issue of homophobia in the military. He told a friend in February of 2009 that his experience living under DADT and experiencing the oppression that entailed helped increase his interest in politics more generally." (
How could he become a saint.... NOT Especially to the Foe country

Funny Bradley Manning Wearing Makeup

Bradley Manning Wearing Makeup
Member reactions:
SO sweet perfect makeup and pink theme is obvious lovely to her. Perfect Lady GaGa typo
General with some inner desires coming out Green Days are ahead

Funny Bradley Manning Marries Chelsea

Bradley Manning Marries Chelsea
Member reactions:
Great chop, her hand looks like of Terminators and poked his arm Interesting work

Funny Bradley Manning with Vladimir Putin

Bradley Manning with Vladimir Putin
Member reactions:
this is it fully uncovered picture that tells all the story itself..snowden in background in the master thought hidden
Both look twins A heavenly place for traitors to get shelter
Anna Capman awarded to Hero of Russia, Edward Snowden to Order of Stupid Bravery, Bradley Manning to Order of Traitor's Friendship.
i can only say .. if you use hue/saturation more you score higher..
Thank you, Disasterman111, Kottetrance and Ericnorthend.

Funny Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning
Bradley Manning, the man responsible for leaking thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks, was sentenced to 35 years in prison today. There's a mixed reaction to his sentencing in the US. Some see Bradley Manning as a hero for uncovering the bitter truth and flawed practices of the government and the military. Others see him as a plain traitor who breached his military oath and betrayed his country. What's your take on this guy? Photoshop Bradley Manning any way you wish.

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