Rami Boyle
Rami Boyle
Rami Boyle. Rami Malek and Susan Boyle
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That's what happens when you drink too fast a bottle of beer.

Funny Danny Boyle Trainspotting Director Caricature

Danny Boyle Trainspotting Director Caricature
all sources Trainspotting sequel in the works, Danny Boyle says Danny Boyle wants 'Trainspotting' sequel ready for 2016 release Read more at http://www.nme.com/filmandtv/news/danny-boyle-wants-trainspotting-sequel-ready-for/297783#6plCRSfURQF4MuMY.99
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Exallentomagnificollosalisma super choppage. Hehe Grads on the top cup. Looks like you finished it off with a dash of perfectum.
Nice. The contrasting colors are very striking. Congrats on taking the gold.

Funny Susan Boyle's Relatives

Susan Boyle's Relatives
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very cute and funny relatives makes life happy if you have those relatives... good one
ha ha very funny relatives They are present all the time

Funny Susan Boyle Mugshot

Susan Boyle Mugshot
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Truly a wonderful chop, but why so small.
Any bigger and you notice how blurry it is.

Funny Susan Boyle Meets a Flasher

Susan Boyle Meets a Flasher
undertitle " you are welcome ..."
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great and so funny groundzero keep up funny works

Funny Susan Boyle on Time Magazine

Susan Boyle on Time Magazine
What a difference a year can make.
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. Caption for this could be "I have a dream".

Funny Frosty Snowman with Susan Boyle

Frosty Snowman with Susan Boyle
I Dream a Dream
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Oh god, she is sooooo scary, wonder if she makes him melt.
Freaking hilarious. Two cold bodies in hot weather.

Funny Susan Boyle Santa

Susan Boyle Santa
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Funny Susan Boyle's Greatest Hits

Susan Boyle's Greatest Hits
Susan Boyle ‘I dreamed a Dream’: Best album for November.
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No Doubt............ This old gal still gives me chills. I can recall ever beeing so moved by anyone. Thanks for the post and the great chop.
I agree with Hits. Hilarious chop - I like how she sings into her hair-comb.

Funny Susan Boyle in Boat with Dragon

Susan Boyle in Boat with Dragon
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The burger could have level adjustments to improve the overall image ... one man's opinion. Good work ...
Agree with kanakahaole about the burger, but it's a very nice and cool chop nonetheless.
, ya know, with that new makeover she looks rather pretty. No more plain Jane. And with that recording contract... za.
There's nothing stopping her now. Not even a sea monster.

Funny Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle
British singing sensation Susan Boyle is media's favorite darling these days. Amateur singer and self-proclaimed 48 year virgin Boyle came to public attention on April 11, 2009, when she sang "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Misérables on "Britain's Got Talent" show. Since then, Boyle became an instant YouTube celebrity (her singing performance was viewed by over 4 million people within 24 hours of posting) and appeared on many TV shows, including CNN's Larry King Live. However, the true test of celebrity status has been a South Park mention. In the recent South Park episode 'Fatbeard', Ike, the little brother of Kyle, runs away to become a Somali pirate, and writes home "Dear mommy and daddy, I am running away. Everyone at school is a f*****g idiot and if one more person talked to me about that Susan Boyle performance of Les Miserables, I was going to puke my b***s out of my mouth." There's also a lot of talk about whether Susan Boyle will get a complete makeover, or just stay everywoman. Photoshop Susan Boyle any way you wish. Some examples are: giving her some makeover, merging her with other celebrities, Susan Boyle in movies and paintings, etc.

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