Harrison Ford the Bounty Hunter
Harrison Ford the Bounty Hunter
Harrison Ford the Bounty Hunter.

Funny Woody Harrelson The Bounty Hunter

Woody Harrelson The Bounty Hunter

Funny Dawg - the Bounty Hunter

Dawg - the Bounty Hunter
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Funny Dog the Bounty Hunter

Dog the Bounty Hunter
Member reactions:
Hilarious picture. His hat isn't setting quite right on his head, but I know how hard that can be to pull off with the ears.
I'll try to work on the hat a little.... EDIT: Added a revision of the hat that should help a little. It was one of the last things I added before submitting it and I should have worked with it more.
The hat looks better, but if you added a bit of a shadow, or darkened the fur under it, it would ground it a bit. It's still a chop with tons of visual appeal.. (High marks on my end.)
I added a shadow, Funkwood. Thanks for suggesting it. I had had a shadow there but it was a bit underdone I know.
. Great edit, that works so much better. .....but while I'm at critiqueing your work, y not make the smoke from the cigarette whitish.
What is the easiest way to do that, FW. I have adjusted it but if I wanted to turn the smoke from black to a complete white, how do I do that.
hidden, I would erase the original smoke with the clone brush and add new smoke from a smoke brush, or something like that. (there are tons of smoke brushes you can find online)
I do have brushes for smoke... just don't have the time to do anything more with this now, but will use them next time. Thanks for your post.
Told ya so. Like all the edits.
BIG Congrats Doxie.. I'm so happy to find out you chopped this one. Well deserved gold... (ps. I wasn't nit picking your entry.... I only comment on entries I really like.... But the perfectionist in me makes me make chop suggestions.) It's an amazing entry, I hope you have lots more like this one to come... Cheers.
Glad this entry could get the recognition it deserved after it was moved to the Freak Show. Congratulations on the gold, Doxie.
Thank you everyone for the posts/votes/help... FW you were wonderful to show your knowledge while the contest was still going on. Kellie - I am posting a thank you in the forum.
GOLD for Doxie. Congrats for a well deserved win.
congratulations doxie,this was really cute.
Now that's choppin. Nice use of sources, gold congrats Doxieone.
I missed this contest vote but,am happy to see you win Gold. The black smoke shows the dark side of Dog-the-Bounty-Hunter and I like it better than the standard white smoke.Dog ain't standard-he be different.
doxieeeeeeeeeeeee congrats veryyyyyyy nice work......
I commented on this in the Chihuahua Contest... and Then it disappeared. Hilarious. and Super Clean. Great Job. Doxie.
DOxi ......... that was amazing work my friend Big congrats on the big win , keep up great work liz
Congrats Doxie. Let's keep snaggin them golds for the Carolinas.

Funny Dog the Bounty Hunter

Dog the Bounty Hunter

Funny Chewbacca in The Bounty Hunter

Chewbacca in The Bounty Hunter
I wonder how he put those boots on...
Member reactions:
i do not see any diference .... just kidding, this is so cool
He's not wearing the feathers in his hair....(Thank the Force) Ya shouldda made her into an Ewok. Nice execution of this idea.
Proves this one: Man is still an animal. Woman is a vegetable. Kidding. Nice chop.

Funny Daniels Bounty

Daniels Bounty
Mutiny on the Bounty has been remade 3 times, why not a fourth for todays generation.

Funny Star Wars Bounty Program

Star Wars Bounty Program

Funny Dog Bounty Hunter

Dog Bounty Hunter
Member reactions:
Its really a bounty hunter , well done with the face good job

Funny Ultimate Bounty: Bad and Ugly

Ultimate Bounty: Bad and Ugly
Darth Maul's 'Clone Wars' Resurrection: 'He's going to be around for a little bit'
Member reactions:
Image is quite small, but very good work here.

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