Bouguereau's Temptation
Bouguereau's Temptation
Bouguereau's Temptation. original
Member reactions:
Beautiful. Only crit is that the motion blur on the flying fairy makes her look like she's sliding in--not fluttering. A whispy, curvy trail of stars might work better. But really a beautiful job overall. It has a really nice color palette and glow.
Well it was either you or Shorra with this one. Grats on the Silver.
Thanks everyone. This one was a lot more work than would appear at first glance, but was fun trying something different.
Pretty darn awesome. Congrats on the silver
Stunning remake of the original, looks authentic. Congrats on the gold, Funk.
Wonderful work.I've featured it on Bouguereau Remastered: Permalink: Hope you like it.


BEFORE & AFTER (animated GIF)
Member reactions:
Scary and impressive. The ghost in the background sky is a great touch
Bouguereau is having horrific nightmares.
Great job PxJky I still have never seen "The Exorcist" that stuff scares the bejesus out of me

Funny Me and Bouguereau

Me and Bouguereau

Funny Bouguereau

Member reactions:
Super natural, no swag at all. she looks beautiful with these
Phenomenal job of swagging her, Hidreley.. Awesome

Funny Bouguereau TV

Bouguereau TV
Member reactions:
Nice work. The old TV matches the style perfectly.

Funny Bouguereau family!

Bouguereau family!
Member reactions:
I thought this was breathtakingly beautiful and well done. I only wish the dog were a larger source file, but great choice on breed...
Congrats on the wood, Hids. Really looks as this painting came to life.

Funny Bouguereau Woman Taking a Selfie

Bouguereau Woman Taking a Selfie

Funny Angel Selfie by Bouguereau

Angel Selfie by Bouguereau
Member reactions:
Perfect choice of the sources. Why the gray sides though.

Funny Girls in a Bouguereau Painting Taling a Selfie

Girls in a Bouguereau Painting Taling a Selfie
Member reactions:
I think the phone's display is pointing the wrong direction.
Good idea. Maybe it's too evident that is a woman hand (log nails) than a children one.
Nice idea, I suggest to put some Icons on the cellphone

Funny Bouguereau Taking a Selfie

Bouguereau Taking a Selfie
Member reactions:
Congrats on the gold, Hids. Big win in a big contest among great entries.
Well done on Gold.You deserve it .very good
thanks, very happy.
Great winner. I've featured yours on Bouguereau Remastered: Permalink: Keep them coming.
Thanks, NewsMaster. FN is always a great source for Remastered Bouguereaus.
Very cool, I loved it.Thanks Romke Very cool, I loved it.Thanks Romke..

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