Asparagus Botox Treatment
Asparagus Botox Treatment
Asparagus Botox Treatment. Member reactions:
Congrats on the twofer Wanderer I love this one.

Funny Cricket's Botox replacement

Cricket's Botox replacement
Member reactions:
Excellent chop... nice mix and merge good one
wOOt for your wOOdy.
Congrats on the wood Wanderer.This is an extremely imaginative,clever,well executed chop
Congrats Wanderer. I like the freakiness of this chop, it's very well done.


Member reactions:
Nice to see you chopping again, AWESOME. Great Job

Funny WADA: Too much Botox in the Kremlin athlete

WADA: Too much Botox in the Kremlin athlete
Will Russia be banned from Rio.
Member reactions:
Thank you SplatShot, CraftyOne, Luciano and Hitspinner.

Funny Tzar Puteen after Botox overdose

Tzar Puteen after Botox overdose

Funny Vladimir Putin Undergoing a Botox Treatment

Vladimir Putin Undergoing a Botox Treatment
Ukraine: "3,000 Russian Troops In Country"
Member reactions:
What does Botox have to do with Russian troops in Ukraine.
It is allegory. Putin is Russia. Botox from Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus are territories. Injection/annexation of new territories that Putin wants to add to New Russian Empire. It is his plan and he has support from 86% Russian population. Putin is Botox lover. His face was changed dramatically last year. He looks like a rubber ball and a lot of jokes about his new face. Putin is a crazy clown, but he has nuclear weapon and we need stop him ASAP.
OOPs-spelling of annexation doesn't match.
Thank you, my friend. Text edited and added more Botox in Botoxman face.
Putin loves Botox for sure. Hard to recognize him when he decided to make himself younger before running for his second term. Quality work, Hidden
Hilarious.... like the droplets and the botox experiment of Putin

Funny Vladimir Putin Poisoned by BOTOX

Vladimir Putin Poisoned by BOTOX
Member reactions:
Great chop, but Some text corrections are needed "you WERE special" from G7 and "R.I.P." from Obama
It was corrected. THX
Great edit and Congrats on the silver, Andrew.
Thank you, Mr.Morelly, NewsMaster and Paul.

Funny Madonna Without Botox

Madonna Without Botox
Member reactions:
, she did not stick to this resolution for the last 10 years Good one, hidden
No to Botox and this chop will represent her only after 5-6 years... good work on her skin texture and the truth revealing pics of her after the resolutions
Huh, vivacity for making skin age. There is a clever application. I wish I had that filter or something like it. Congrats on a greeeeat chop and cup to boot.

Funny Christopher Walkin's Botox Touchup

Christopher Walkin's Botox Touchup
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Great showcase of photo chopping skills... great before and after botox concept I dont know if botox helps but Photoshhop tricks would definitely helps to look young

Funny Botox Clean-Up Spray

Botox Clean-Up Spray
Please view full size for the details.
Member reactions:
HA. The clean version with no wrinkles-eh. Great.
Awesome job all the faces were so clean and clear good one like the concept of endorsing a cleaning liquid well done
This is amazingly fantastic idea... Very well consumed this product to all of them. There skin is so smooth Clean wrinkles
Clean as & smooth
Thanks for the comments. Try Googling "the Rolling Stones" to see the unretouched background photo. Them is some wrinkly dudes.
WHOA. I thought RWPike did this one. Congratulations.
Silver 'grats, Luna. Me thinks this would work just fine.

Funny Botox Celebrities

Botox Celebrities
When it comes to Botox injections, it takes some swelling to smooth up the wrinkles. While most of the swelling goes away two days after the injections, some swelling does stay until Botox is fully flushed out of the muscle tissue by the blood cells. It's that minor swelling that gives Botox patients younger, "rounded" face look. Swelling is the body's natural reaction to Botox (Botulinum toxin) which is the most toxic protein known to mankind. Photoshop how celebrities (or politicians) would look if they used higher doses of Botox and had round swelled up faces. Let this contest be a "public warning to Hollywood", which is obsessed with Botox these days.

Funny Botox Celebrities

Botox Celebrities
Photoshop a celebrity or politician using Botox, and show your skills as a dermatologist. Alternatively, create a faux-advertisement that is connected to Botox treatment.

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