Barrel Bot
Barrel Bot
Barrel Bot. Member reactions:
Harry Houdini, Crafty. Thank you and Splatshot, Gummy and Paul
Congratulations, Tim. This I think is #170 and moves you into the 4th spot of the Hall Of Fame.
Should had known this was yours, Love it, congrats on the win.
Thank you All...................... Newsy, Luciano, and Hobbit And thanks Doc and SS. Yep SplatShot, it does. I have been trying to work my way up to the top 4 for a long time. Thanks for mentioning it. Big hug to all that helped me get there. Who's next.
Congrads on the Gold Cup. No other comments
Thanks Vlad. This was the elusive number 170 that has driven me nuts for about the last 5 months. I am happy to have reached it with a good one.

Funny Fantasy Robotic Clock Bot

Fantasy Robotic Clock Bot
A robot with a long time.
Member reactions:
Way well done, look a bit steam punk style.
Pretty nice mix. I have used the same source a nmumber of times because it is great. You did some cool modifications. Congrads
Congrats... would be nice to see you vote Mr. T

Funny Barack Obama Bots in the Forest

Barack Obama Bots in the Forest



Funny Christina Aguilera Bot

Christina Aguilera Bot
Member reactions:
You'd better not lick, she can be a real shocker, if not unplugged
its so ... y....but she is shocking.....can any body help to unplug her....cooool entry....
thanks guys. just new here and feeling my way around.

Funny Latrine Bot

Latrine Bot
The U.S. Army Latrine Bot finishes scrubbing and cleaning the bathroom in the former Presidential Palace of Saddam Hussein. (Consumer version of the Latrine Bot will be introduced at next year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas) (Please View Full)
Member reactions:
I hate to ask what that scary red thing is used for. Outch.
Nice work. Full view is a must. If I were to offer a critique it would be to feather the edges a bit on the brush and maybe the plunger. (only apparent in full view) Well done entry. Names on the sinks are a fine touch
Ah, into the dustbin of history goes...the dustbin.
Nobody caught that the bulbs above Uday and Qusay's sinks were burnt out.

Funny Condi Rice Bot

Condi Rice Bot
Keeping an eye...
Member reactions:
Un-Freaking-Believable... This is great.
Thats "Future President Condi-bot to you."

Funny Rumsfeld bot

Rumsfeld bot
Taking care of business... (full view is clearer)
Member reactions:
Stellar blending on Saddam. Good feel to the image overall. (note: may wanna be careful on clipping copywrites on free wallpaper images, most have non-edit clauses in the usage)
Don't know how much you did here, but it's at least a great match.
Please be back in time to make the coffee ... Mr Secretary .....
Please be back in time to make the coffee ... Mr Secretary .....

Funny Bartender Bot

Bartender Bot
Asahi beer robot. Pffft, make mine a Heineken
Member reactions:
Not my brand, but I'd switch if I had one of these.
great work, wonder if mashby would drink it...
Remarkably creative. Looks great in the close-up too.
Oh no, chris is using his w1k images here.
Isn't the beer suppose to be yellowish instead of green. Oh and it's missing the shadow in the back.

Funny Devito bot

Devito bot
This is my first entry done with photoshop PLEASE COMMENT

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