Old Kate Bosworth
Old Kate Bosworth
Old Kate Bosworth. A look into the future for Kate Bosworth.
Member reactions:
Nice work. She should have fired her Dentist and called Dr. Chuckles.
She should have gone to Paulie to have her teeth fixed.
Nice predictive chop.... well done on all her wrinkles.. it matches perfect to the age and What about her teeth... Is he habituated to Chewing Tabacoo see the dentist
nonno of Independents old people eyes shouldn't be so bright Much depends on the lighting. View full to see the pupils are milky and the whites have viens.
The teeth are exaggerated because this is supposed to be funny.

Funny Kate Bosworth Genie

Kate Bosworth Genie
Member reactions:
Great revelation of a new Gene as Kate good chop on the blue smoke and the Kate revealing herself as a Gene

Funny Kate Bosworth Manga

Kate Bosworth Manga
Member reactions:
Nice sad look given to the source.... and lovely beads near her eye lids looks beautiful
Many thanks for comments Stevegsq, Rajeshstar, Ericnorthend, Suni.

Funny Kate Bosworth Fairy and the Unicorn

Kate Bosworth Fairy and the Unicorn
Member reactions:
Like the fairy wings.... looks so beautiful... nice makeover of her face with colorful iris and the horse with her makes the image so adorable
Thanks a lot Rajeshstar, Ericnorthend, Suni glad you like it.
Congratulations. New name is Sunshine. OK...Congratulations Sunshine Girl.
that is really beautiful....congrats on your gold sunshine
Sunshine .... congratulations... fresh and beautiful,,,....
Lots of thanks for congrats Pcr, Geri ( yes now is Sunshine ) Robin, Pree, Funkwood, Azuresky. Many good entries, I am honored to be on the first place with this.

Funny Mystical Kate Bosworth

Mystical Kate Bosworth
Member reactions:
if I needed hair to be grown back digitally on my head pree, i would want you doing it....beautiful chop
robinbobin ive been doing mine for a while now ty...,,, ty geri..,, ty pcrdds.... ty suni... eric... rajesh... tyvm..
Catching eye work, I love the painting on her hand. Bronze congrats, Pree.

Funny Kate Middleton and Kate Bosworth with William

Kate Middleton and Kate Bosworth with William
Member reactions:
Kate Vs Kate... coming up the next on the line
Middleton's face expression.

Funny Kate Bosworth with a Horse Painting

Kate Bosworth with a Horse Painting
Member reactions:
Hilarious good blend of horse face to the antique art work good one

Funny Kate Bosworth Leading a Black Horse

Kate Bosworth Leading a Black Horse
Member reactions:
Clean pic, I like how u caricature'd the horse also
Nice Caricature... beautiful to see the horse face... well caricatured both Lovely gown
Amazing color enhancement and face is awesome, sweet work

Funny Kate Bosworth Having a Picnic

Kate Bosworth Having a Picnic
Member reactions:
Really awesome, nice lighting, color matching, looks really great
Ahh..it's HIDDEN-she's baaack. Cute as a pin.
Beautiful chop really nice work. you have a few extra lines at the top of the legs at the edges, that you may want to clean up.
Awesome.... Kate looking so beautiful with a big hat and the she went to picnic alone. I am going there... So lovely background..... well deserved picnic spot
How sweet... lovely posture and the picnic place is awesome.
Congratulations. The Bunny made me think it was a Preemiememe special but, the ever-changing Funkwood has done it again.
funkwood congratulations she,s perty and perfectly done....
I gave you a 10 beautiful chop and congrats on the silver.

Funny Kate Bosworth Riding a Toy Horse

Kate Bosworth Riding a Toy Horse
Member reactions:
Love the sparkle done on her teeth.... and the Pony back showing her teeth too lovely chop with all the horses the Kate love
Ha ha ha very well done...mega horse power here... some of them are playing in background
Thanks, everyone...and thanks, eric, for noticing what's going on in the background.
pcrdds....... giddy -up ... shes funny and adorable.... congratulations...
Thanks, Miss Pree. Thanks, Mr. F. Thanks, robin.
Lol, the horses on bg Funny and cute , wood congrats Pcr.
Congrats on the Wood. I thought sure the only one that would beat this was picnic.
Thanks, Lady Sunshine. Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Newsy.

Funny Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth
American actress, model, and singer Kate Bosworth turned 30 last Wednesday. After trying many small roles, Bosworth became known after her leading role in 2002's "Blue Crush". Then came notable roles in "Superman Returns", "21", "Straw Dogs", and others. Bosworth has two different eye colors - a hazel right eye and a blue left eye - a condition called heterochromia iridis. Besides acting and singing, Kate's life passion has always been horse racing - so much that she even wanted to become a professional horse racer. She grew up riding horses, and was a champion equestrian at the age of 14. This experience helped her get one of her first roles, in "The Horse Whisperer". In 2006 she suffered from anorexia and lost so much weight that she had to buy children's clothes. We wish Kate a Happy Birthday, and many great roles ahead! To mark the 30th birthday of Kate Bosworth, photoshop her any way you wish.

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