Cookie Boss
Cookie Boss
Cookie Boss. Doesn't anybody screen these people.
Member reactions:
Cool chop, and great choice of the news article
The cookie is still cooking good work on the fire engulfing the cookie and the expressive face of the bad lady good job

Funny Yes boss, I convinced him

Yes boss, I convinced him
Member reactions:
Great job... nicely done the injured scene here... like the wounds and bandages to the source pic

Funny This Will Show Them Who's The Boss

This Will Show Them Who's The Boss
I'll close this down too, Surely this will make everyone hate those evil republicans.

Funny Capt. Boss Springsteen

Capt. Boss Springsteen
Member reactions:
Very well done Nice to see the dog inside the box
Looks great... well makeover and lovely pirate dog

Funny My boss is going part-time job

My boss is going part-time job
Member reactions:
Very well draw... Like the facial expression and the cat the most
Now you can get a raise. You got his image published hahahahaah Nice job
Bronze congrats, DAL. Great comic book look.
Congrats on the bronze, DAL. Great show of drawing skills here.

Funny There is a new boss in town

There is a new boss in town
Member reactions:
Very cute and little toilet and the Crown well fitted... Keep it warm The baby is seeing the album very funny....
HA HA Cute Little Baby Boy good to see the crown on his head
Twister congrats......
Pretty cool, but his face brightness needs to be lowered to match the rest of the body. Congrats on the bronze, twister.

Funny Boss!

I love Alyssa Milano, and she loves me, or that's what she tells me when she transmits secret messages from the TV, directly into my brain. (she only does that for me.)

Funny Buffalo Boss Bruce Springstein

Buffalo Boss Bruce Springstein
Member reactions:
Very nice . . . is that the E-street band on horseback.

Funny Smell Of Boss Perfume by Barack Obama

Smell Of Boss Perfume by Barack Obama
Member reactions:
Actually, I was thinking about the other type of "S.O.B.", . Great chop.

Funny Matt Damon Poker Boss

Matt Damon Poker Boss
Member reactions:
Love the composition, but I wish the size were bigger. Also Matt lost some resemblance in the caricature process

Funny Happy Boss Day

Happy Boss Day
It's National Boss Day today, which means you should probably be doing something nice for your boss (which might include not browsing the web while you're at work, but that's not our call). Let's face it - whether or not we like our jobs depends a great deal on our bosses, who can be great or great pain in the a$$. There are many big bosses and leaders around the world who can make their employees' life (or nation's life) either happy or miserable. Here's your chance to wish happy (or not so happy) Boss Day to any famous bosses (Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, etc.) in the form of either motivational or demotivational posters. Your message may say why they make a great or horrible boss. Your posters should follow the format of classic "motivational / demotivational posters" - black background, image in the middle, followed by the title word(s), and the text message below. The image in the middle has to be photoshopped, so you can not just take unaltered photo and add text to it. Take a look at the good examples from our demotivational poster contest.

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