Maybe He's Born With It. Maybe he's....
Maybe He's Born With It. Maybe he's....
Maybe He's Born With It. Maybe he's..... Well, now we know why he's so youthful looking and perky. She'll be baaaaack..



Funny Born in Japan

Born in Japan
Member reactions:
Cool couple - they seem like naturally happy Japanese too.

Funny born of story, a metaphor mystery lives

 born of story, a metaphor mystery lives
* born of story, a metaphor mystery lives ...a birth story is an avatar that abounds in mysteries, a flow of imagination unlimited...that we wear far away by unsuspected worlds...let your imagination live, is a wonderful miracle
Member reactions:
Very cool and well done and, at the very least, should win WOOD heh, heh
A Great chopper with an Axe in the hand taking rest after the hard work.... Lovely wooden toys made, love the train and the jet in the sky Love this chop with full illuminated light from big moon an original chop
Out of the box, touch wood chop very Good work
Congratulations. Nice warm feel to your creation.
Amazing surreal composition. Congrats on the wood, lucido.
I knew this would win at least WOOD. Really like this chop, lucido great work, congrats.


Member reactions:
Baby born fight for the country A brave heart another hero is in process to serve the country good story link
Nice idea - certainly grabs your attention.
Poor kid will have place of birth Afghanistan on birth certificate. Will that mean he has dual citizenship. Not that it would be any use.

Funny Born to Kill

Born to Kill
Just a couple of bad-ass rabbits, taking a moment to contemplate existence.
Member reactions:
Rabbits in Army they were born to kill and eat more Carrots

Funny Obama was Born Where ?

Obama was Born Where ?
Member reactions:
Excellent look for Obama as a child given, ha ha see he is smoking a cigarette day after Anti Tobacco day Celebrated

Funny Obama the Sucker Born Every Minute

Obama the Sucker Born Every Minute
Which was quoted by W.C. Feilds NOT PT Barnum
Member reactions:
If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull. W. C. Fields
Ear suites him

Funny Hedgehog Born to kill

Hedgehog Born to kill

Funny Woody Harrelson Natural Born Killer

Woody Harrelson Natural Born Killer
Member reactions:
Looks too "wet" needs some details, making a caricature is all well & good but just liquifying summin to pieces looks like a melted candle. In my humble opinion
Quality work. Not sure if you should associate the American flag with "the killers" though

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