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Funny Born Pictures

Natural born cirdFunny Natural born cird
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T'Divine Dali_Faith is born of sufferingFunny T'Divine Dali_Faith is born of suffering
Member reactions:

* The Divine Dali_Faith is born of suffering ...nobody is born by chance and geniuses are no exception... Spanish Surrealist Artist Salvador Dali was and remains a wonderful and unique genius
* for all fellow competitors good luck and inspiration...^v^
This is the peak of creativity.... great and awesome job done
Great job -- really amazing work. Thanks.
* 1001 THK's my DEAR FRIENDS...All the best to All ... ...^v^
Amazing effects and virtual scare of humanity. Very good work here
Twisted, and brilliant. Congrats on the silver, lucido.
*1001 THK's to all my friends : Xaos54 Tjeb suzseams SplatShot rajeshstar opcrom lucianomorelli Kellie IcyAllEyeCan Hitspinner gugulanul Goat geriatric ericnorthend DOH Disasterman111 Bmore Bibistrella artisteer Armatien Ariel9 and berdulano,pcrdds ...for you All the Best....LuciD...^v^
Very surrealistic concept, CONGRATS on SILVER
Really like this one. You have a fine aesthetic eye. As for Dali, he was my inspiration and hero for years, still is. But that doesn't change my opinion that I reckon his head was full of screaching, hairless cats and bottle caps. Once I became a painter of reasonable skill, I sort of lost the romance he once invoked on me because the mystery of his technique and approach was solved. But his innovation and irreverance still charms me to this day Congrads on the cup

 born of story, a metaphor mystery livesFunny born of story, a metaphor mystery lives
Member reactions:
* born of story, a metaphor mystery lives ...a birth story is an avatar that abounds in mysteries, a flow of imagination unlimited...that we wear far away by unsuspected worlds...let your imagination live, is a wonderful miracle
i like the dark effect, nice chop hidden
Very cool and well done and, at the very least, should win WOOD heh, heh
Nice Lighting effects great job done
A Great chopper with an Axe in the hand taking rest after the hard work.... Lovely wooden toys made, love the train and the jet in the sky Love this chop with full illuminated light from big moon an original chop
Out of the box, touch wood chop very Good work
* THK my dear friends: zapscar Twister SplatShot spitfire46 roonma rajeshstar qtrmoonshop Possumpie otzie nonno NewsMaster nepaguy59 maroon5 macwithfries lucianomorelli Kellie jeremix icecream hobbit90 groundzero geriatric GarRobMil funkwood FrogGod1 ericnorthend dodge0508 Disasterman111 dexter DeanoWilsono crusader234 cicsaix blackhole balodiya aintme ... and pcrdds, JimShorts
... and, at the very least, you won a WOOD
Congratulations. Nice warm feel to your creation.
Awesome wood chop. Grats on the woody.
Amazing surreal composition. Congrats on the wood, lucido.
I knew this would win at least WOOD. Really like this chop, lucido great work, congrats.
* 1001 THK AGAIN MY DEAR FRIENDS. All the best for you...^v^

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Baby born fight for the country A brave heart another hero is in process to serve the country good story link
Nice idea - certainly grabs your attention.
Poor kid will have place of birth Afghanistan on birth certificate. Will that mean he has dual citizenship. Not that it would be any use.

Born to KillFunny Born to Kill
Member reactions:

Just a couple of bad-ass rabbits, taking a moment to contemplate existence.
Rabbits in Army they were born to kill and eat more Carrots

Obama was Born Where ?Funny Obama was Born Where ?
Member reactions:

Excellent look for Obama as a child given, ha ha see he is smoking a cigarette day after Anti Tobacco day Celebrated

Obama the Sucker Born Every MinuteFunny Obama the Sucker Born Every Minute
Member reactions:

Which was quoted by W.C. Feilds NOT PT Barnum
If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull. W. C. Fields

Hedgehog Born to killFunny Hedgehog Born to kill
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Woody Harrelson Natural Born KillerFunny Woody Harrelson Natural Born Killer
Member reactions:

Looks too "wet" needs some details, making a caricature is all well & good but just liquifying summin to pieces looks like a melted candle. In my humble opinion
I agree, Unfortunately, find a source for high quality of this movie, and was a mission, ihihihi, but it is true convido effect a little loose, I Got Carried Away, fantastic image, I will try to Improve it with a brush, many thanks kellie, I'm happy of your valuable advice, which effectively helped me in the past Already, thanks again, I hope to Improve it.
Many thanks, rajeshstar, then I worked on the following contrasts, resolution is what it is.
Quality work. Not sure if you should associate the American flag with "the killers" though

Born A DentistFunny Born A Dentist
Member reactions:

Kellie...yes, you've found out my secret.
a real work by master, fantastic and skill ... bravo.
Thank God you aren't a Proctologist.....excellent work
mmm, there should be a Viagra somewhere, but I can't see yet , good stuff Doc.
It's not Edward Scissor-Hands, it's his evil dentist brother Hilarious.
Very clever and beautifully executed - right down to his name.
I hate to think of who did this one.... I'll never go to a Dentist again.
Thanks, MiniS. Glad you noticed his name.
Oh, c'mon, geriatric...the Dentist is your friend.
hahahaha, like Disastermans comment...o...only one blokes done this, love your the i want you sign...ol
Thanks, balodiya. Thanks, Prakashpilla. Thanks, Goat.
I thought that might be you P. Nice work.
Looks very friendly Awesome piece and congrats on the cup.
very cool work pcrdds .. congrats on the woody
Thanks, Newsy. Now I have to get some "Anti-Woody" pills. .
Awesome work . From one dentist to another

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