Born Again
Born Again
Born Again. They found a way to sneek someone in thru the back door 5 faith facts on Mike Pence: A ‘born-again, evangelical Catholic’
Member reactions:
Congrads on the Woodie, good contest the cream always comes to the top
Awesome Pence caricature. Congrats DD, a pro job.
I think this looks like an Easter Island statue. Pretty cool. Congrats
Great job Deaddog ,, Great caricature ..

Funny Barack Obama Born in Japan

Barack Obama Born in Japan
Member reactions:
Cool couple - they seem like naturally happy Japanese too.

Funny Baby Born to Kill

Baby Born to Kill
Member reactions:
Baby born fight for the country A brave heart another hero is in process to serve the country good story link
Nice idea - certainly grabs your attention.
Poor kid will have place of birth Afghanistan on birth certificate. Will that mean he has dual citizenship. Not that it would be any use.

Funny Obama the Sucker Born Every Minute

Obama the Sucker Born Every Minute
Which was quoted by W.C. Feilds NOT PT Barnum
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If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull. W. C. Fields
Ear suites him

Funny Hedgehog Born to kill

Hedgehog Born to kill

Funny Woody Harrelson Natural Born Killer

Woody Harrelson Natural Born Killer
Member reactions:
Looks too "wet" needs some details, making a caricature is all well & good but just liquifying summin to pieces looks like a melted candle. In my humble opinion
Quality work. Not sure if you should associate the American flag with "the killers" though

Funny Born A Dentist

Born A Dentist
Member reactions:
Kellie...yes, you've found out my secret.
Thank God you aren't a Proctologist.....excellent work
mmm, there should be a Viagra somewhere, but I can't see yet , good stuff Doc.
It's not Edward Scissor-Hands, it's his evil dentist brother Hilarious.
Very clever and beautifully executed - right down to his name.
I hate to think of who did this one.... I'll never go to a Dentist again.
Thanks, MiniS. Glad you noticed his name.
Oh, c'mon, geriatric...the Dentist is your friend.
hahahaha, like Disastermans comment...o...only one blokes done this, love your the i want you sign...ol
Thanks, balodiya. Thanks, Prakashpilla. Thanks, Goat.
I thought that might be you P. Nice work.
Looks very friendly Awesome piece and congrats on the cup.
very cool work pcrdds .. congrats on the woody
Thanks, Newsy. Now I have to get some "Anti-Woody" pills. .
Awesome work . From one dentist to another

Funny Charlie Sheen - Obama Not Born in USA

Charlie Sheen - Obama Not Born in USA
Sheen believes Obama Not Born in U.S.A. Now Charlie Sheen is a "birther," believing Obama is not a United States Citizen by birth.
Member reactions:
Freaking hilarious. The Birth Certificate is literally winning.
And congrats on the woody too. Almost a trifecta, woo hoo.

Funny Baby Born with a Barcode

Baby Born with a Barcode

Funny American Born Bruce Springsteen

American Born Bruce Springsteen
Member reactions:
I like the overall feel. Nice touch with the motorcycle and everyone loves that photo of Jessica.
Congrats Hits... I love the USA... I don't love Springsteen... but this sure is sweet.
Great work, and congratulations on the bronze, Bruce and Tim. You were both Born in the USA.
Thank you, bows. I like his tunes. Never met him but hear he's a really cool guy to know and jam with.
Very good tribute poster, with my two favorite cut-outs.
You've totally captured the essence of Bruce... Congrats.
congrats hitman great work as always and keep up great works

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