Scarlett Johansson (Borg)
Scarlett Johansson (Borg)
Scarlett Johansson (Borg). Beam me up Scarlett.Assimilated and very happy in her new collective. Super Size . Member reactions:
Well alright,, great work and perfect alignment.
ohhhhhh my love.... i love scarlett... and your work
Nice detail and excellent work on her face and the hand good one
Thanks You. Ricky my Friend. so much Balodiya a many Rajeshstar much D-Man
3.... your work deserve moreeeeeee ...... is a beautifulllll bronze, but desrve much more many congrats my friend bravo
SplatShot congratulations shes wonderful
Thank You Very Much. *~}{~*RobinbobinRicky *~}{~*Preemie *~}{~*
Super clean work. Congrats on the bronze, SS.
Thanks One Million. NewsMaster *~~* BOULPIX *~}{~*

Funny Bernanke Borg

Bernanke Borg
STORY. Member reactions:
Phenomenon Peformance Very well composed Best of Luck
Great detailing used and its a marvelous job done, very well done with the work on the face.. specially the eye and the cap on the head its really funny all technological devices with cash is really an awesome job done good luck winner
Perfect merge, brilliant chop with great effects
Really Cool
Twisted the Fleek's way - just as we love 'em. Congrats on the silver, fleek.

Funny Etch-A-Sketch Borg in Space

Etch-A-Sketch Borg in Space

Funny Starship Attacking Borg Paper Boat Ship

Starship Attacking Borg Paper Boat Ship
The Borg grew tired of cubes and experimented with different starship designs.. Member reactions: more cube

Funny Barack Obama of Borg

Barack Obama of Borg
"I am Barrack of Borg/ Resistance to Change is Futile". Member reactions:
Love it and the new Obama logo is priceless.
Man. I swore Rainman showed up when I saw this. Beautiful work and appears quite a bit of it.

Funny Borg Helmet

Borg Helmet

Funny Star Trek Borg Wars

Star Trek Borg Wars
. Member reactions:
Excellent job on the spoof Trek movie poster. Nice to see the extra time and effort on the custom font work too.
awesome. luv the green halo nebula effect.
It looks like a professional poster, would love to see the sources. Nice work.

Funny My Borg Space

My Borg Space
A place where you can be truly unique, like everyone else.

Funny Borg


Funny Borg Jewelry

Borg Jewelry
...the hottest accessory around.. Member reactions:
sorry, what did you alter in the pic. i'm too distracted by the bottom-left corner of the pic. serious,great job.
oh i see it now, borg, very good.You know that would probably sell here in the US.
good point ... xxpp. It took me five minutes to see the eye...
Oh, , just noticed there was something besides ... s in this picture . . .
awesome. Is that angelina jolie. good work.

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