Canada Border Wall
Canada Border Wall
Canada Border Wall. How else can they keep the riff-raff out.
Member reactions:
Brilliant idea, looks authentic. Congrats on the Gold LunaC, Fantastic Job.
Congrats on your win LunaC ,I gave you a 10
News papers usually donít fare as well as big magazine covers, even if done right. Congrats on beating the odds Luna. If I saw that in a news stand, I would have bought it hook, line and sinker. Not only is the paper believable but so is the story.
Congrats on the win LunaC, good one and looks great.

Funny New way to cross the border

New way to cross the border
Pole jump to make it great again
Member reactions:
Mexico will probably take the gold in wall vaulting.
Thanks Crafty & LunaC... I do it for fun. Humor is the very first thing in my art recipe
Anybody have seen TV serie "Trump COYOTE Trump".

Funny Mexican border bodyguards from Presidential reserve

Mexican border bodyguards from Presidential reserve

Funny Electrified Solar Panel Border Wall

Electrified Solar Panel Border Wall
Member reactions:
Build that wall, Build that wall,Build that wall,

Funny Immigration Signs at the German Border

Immigration Signs at the German Border
Germany loses track of half its Muslim migrants
Member reactions:
Masterfully Done, Hidden. Now...that's a big bird. He'd make a great pie.
Great view... take the U turn or else leave your skull here... well done
Congrats j, well done indeed, reminds me of Salis.
Gold congrats, Martijn. The chop Gods favor you. Nice work
looks like you can walk right into it. nice

Funny Donald Trump the Border Police

Donald Trump the Border Police
Donald Trump's first TV ad shows migrants 'at the southern border'

Funny Donald Trump with an Eagle at the Mexican Border

Donald Trump with an Eagle at the Mexican Border
Member reactions:
Kewl Choppage, and great political satire.
so where is trump going Swedish side Scottish side or German side i mean being he did say on a press conference that it was wrong to come and have babies here and stay so i gather that.. that being said he should go where.. or is that only for latino's and if so then that is racism.. and this image counts as one to being it's type casting which is wrong..mexico is not the only spanish speaking country.

Funny The Donald Trump Border Wall and Casino

The Donald Trump Border Wall and Casino
Wall to stop Illegals
Member reactions:
Crafty. Indeed he is. Now, if he can just spring for a hair transplant and stay out of his own way he might get the job.
Wao... want to wear that dollar shirt good one
That's two in Row, good one Pal,top chop.
Thank you HH, Newsy, Luciano, Hobbit, Rajesh and Crafty. Glad you all liked it

Funny Columbus Arrested by the Border Patrol

Columbus Arrested by the Border Patrol
.No. Dos Espana Gringo.
Member reactions:
Quality work, but not sure about the face choice - it's definitely too far from the image people have in mind. Columbus had blond hair (which turned all white by the time he turned 30) - he was never depicted with a beard either. Linky. The source you used is associated with a famous human sculpture by Ron Mueck, and looks more like Saddam Hussein than Columbus.
Would the real Chris Columbus please raise your hand Honestly, I wasn't going for any kind of accuracy, just the humor. It doesn't matter to me what he looked like. I don't think anyone really knows. He doesn't look like Gerard Depardieu either but they still cast Gerard in a movie. There are tons of depictions, all different and this is my goofy version. It is just a chop, not an historical document hehe
Newsy considerations apart, looks an awesome chop indeed
Point taken, I did not know there are so many depictions of Columbus. Most people including myself are probably familiar with 2-3 sources of Columbus portraits, where he's shown without a beard. I have also read that he was a blond fella that turned completely white by 30. Gerard looked blond so that was enough of the similarity
We had a few different history books when I was a kid learning American history and none of them really agreed. Not even where he landed or who Actually found the mainland continent. Accounts claimed Americus Vespuci was the actual guy. So I sort of left it at that though now we know it was far earlier Polynesian or Nordic explorers that get the finder's fee. I did read somewhere that Columbus was originally from the north of Italy around Genoa. Not surprising to hear he might have been fair haired as there was a lot of Swiss mix in the Northern Italians. Fair hair is very common. Too bad they didn't have cameras . Thanks for the comments peeps
Thanks Newsey, Doc, Wanderer and Bob. Where is everybody else lately.
And as a side note, America's immigration policies have gotten absolutely no better. GGGGG-Grandpa would have been way better off to make them the turky than to offer them one.

Funny Illegal Alien Children at the Border

Illegal Alien Children at the Border
Illegal Alien Children
Member reactions:
Thank you Newsmaster, Balodiya and Sullishire
5th. That sort of pops my bubble. Overly done I suppose Thanks Pat

Funny US-Mexican Border

US-Mexican Border
Show events on the US-Mexican border - guarding, smuggling, illegal border crossing. Now that the troops will be deployed, smuggling and illegal border crossing will become more complicated, so feel free to show any tricks or devices Mexicans may come up with. Feel free to "construct" US-Mexican border and its surroundings. E.g. make a border house split in two by the border line. Those who are up for a challenge can show contrast in US and Mexico on the opposite sides of US-Mexican border. Such entries can show US-Mexican border "splitting" the picture in two parts - US part and Mexican part, and show drastic contrast in life style, architecture and/or landscapes.

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