Borat in a Wooden Hat
Borat in a Wooden Hat
Borat in a Wooden Hat.

Funny Borat the Sloth

Borat the Sloth

Funny Borat Gollum

Borat Gollum
Member reactions:
laughing out loud.... are those were eyes... or SLR Lense

Funny Mitt Romney with Borat the Dictator

Mitt Romney with Borat the Dictator
Member reactions:
The Dictator is the good choice for Vice president well done to put between those pretty girls
Very moody Dictator with choose e in security, He now requires security for those cheeks

Funny The Dictator Borat Wearing Sunglasses

The Dictator Borat Wearing Sunglasses
Member reactions:
Great work of glass to the Dictator its clean and crisp

Funny Borat Moustair

Borat Moustair
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Funny Borat Loses His Head

Borat Loses His Head
Member reactions:
Good one. But don't forget to clone out the head in the shadow.
thanks, actually that black part was part of the shirt, but it did seemed like I missed cleaning up the head..thanks anyway...
he is talking about the shadow behind him on the ground.

Funny Borat the Foot

Borat the Foot

Funny Mr. Bean Borat

Mr. Bean Borat
Member reactions:
Excellent, but the Bean's part of the face need higher contrast to match the Borat source
Congrats Spitfire. Loved this one, looks perfect to these old eyes
cool one spitfire46 congrats on the gold

Funny Borat PWith One Eye

Borat PWith One Eye

Funny Borat Movies

Borat Movies
His jokes are so wrong and he's been all over the news in the past week. Who is he? If you answered "John Kerry" you answered right. If you answered "Borat", you also answered right, except that Borat's jokes are slightly more politically correct than Kerry's. [ After making a splash at the Cannes, Toronto, and London film festivals, Boratís controversial new movie premiered in the United States on November 3 and quickly became the box-office leader. ] In this contest you are asked to photoshop Borat into any other movies by showing movie posters or movie scenes. Feel free to give a new name to movies you put Borat into.

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