Puss In Boots
Puss In Boots
Puss In Boots. Member reactions:
sandbox's right arm needs some rework, otherwise good chop.
Some shadows from the paws would help. Great job otherwise

Funny These Boots Were Made for Driving

These Boots Were Made for Driving
Got a hitch in yer giddyup. Well hurry on up and ditch that pickup truck. Absolutely nothing goes better with blue jeans. It's not a boot, it's an attitude. Built work hard, play hard.
Member reactions:
Really great mud bath hahahaha Nice work. And I did do a double-take-twice over

Funny Puss in no boots

Puss in no boots

Funny Obama Understands Why Putin Wears Boots

Obama Understands Why Putin Wears Boots
Lets chat over a nice cuppa
Member reactions:
Nice Mutual understanding between both Nice job
....putin is very upset because obama footwear not clean

Funny Boot Squashing Kim Jong Il Like a Bug

Boot Squashing Kim Jong Il Like a Bug
Is North Korea Ready for War with the US.
Member reactions:
"CRUNCH..." Do the little, fat Creep and get it over with.
The insects should be crushed.... good job

Funny Snake Skin Western Boots

Snake Skin Western Boots
Pair of Snake Skin Western Boots
Member reactions:
This is it.... Awesome designer boot and brilliant concept
Excellent work on the texture. All the best.
This is the out of the box work Amazing creativity... The boots with snake heads is really a great idea fantastic chop
Silver congrats, Mundo.
Congrats on the silver, Mundo. Dangerous shoes
A freaking masterpiece, I say. and looks so real. Congrats on the silver snakes, Mundo.


Member reactions:
good one the missile were at hold to launch and the violators will be towed away any time

Funny Cat N Boots

Cat N Boots

Funny 1st Lady putting the Boot to Barack!

1st Lady putting the Boot to Barack!
Full view, please.
Member reactions:
good one, I can see Obama peeping out the car well done with the Helicopters hovering up

Funny Boot Bomber Plane

Boot Bomber Plane
Member reactions:
Oh dear...another freaking fantastical creation. I'm speechless.
This is gorgeous - looks like an illustration for a children's book.
Absolutely fabulous. sigh, my pics going in the bin .
Thanks so much, years of dabbling with oil paints helps in that area
WINNER, 1st place Well thats my prediction
love the nose.... manure on the souls nice touch.. great work.
this is awesome . how do you get the colors like that . plz do a tut for us mortals plz .
HILARIOUS . . . instead of Das Boot, it's Der Fliegenstiefel . . . Magnificent work "hidden" top marks. Nose, nose, anything goes
Thanks for all the great comments guys. I had a lot of fun messing with the colors and tonal values. vipez, I wouldn't know where to begin for a tut. I didn't use any special plugins, just fiddled with the hue, saturation, brightness and contrast a lot. (A lot being the key word)
Super work as always. Great in every way.

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