Barack Obama Boomerang
Barack Obama Boomerang
Barack Obama Boomerang. Goes away and never comes back.
Member reactions:
I figured this bit of humor was yours. Funny expression.

Funny The Nike Boomerang

The Nike Boomerang
Member reactions:
Excellent satire. Love the bottom line, but it needs a typo correction: "If your boomerang DOESN'T come back, it's called a stick"
That was intentional. Aboriginess don't speak English that well.
I see your point Gar. Great work all around

Funny Boomerang


Funny Boomerang phone

Boomerang phone
Member reactions:
Good one. Good one.
Very nicely done. Is there a return warranty.
Wouldn't the message come right back to you without reaching the intended . Nice Job Eyal .

Funny Boomerang Airlines

Boomerang Airlines

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