Son Of The Boob Tube
Son Of The Boob Tube
Son Of The Boob Tube. Member reactions:
I saw it in b&w, now is really much better.

Funny Gioconda boobs

Gioconda boobs
Gioconda ... ...hidden and strong pieces... A stronghold always has hidden surprises underneath ...
Member reactions:
Ha ha Hilarious to see the effect of ... on beetles
Leonardo had some problem in findinga frame large enough. Very funny.

Funny O boobs bama

O boobs bama

Funny Boob Scooper

Boob Scooper
Member reactions:
OMG, I Love It. Bet it would work twice as good.
The idea is awesome, so is the execution. Congrats on the silver, DD.


03 June, 2013. Angelina Jolie’s first appearance after ... surgery: “I feel wonderful” I don't want to make fun of Angelina's troubles. I just want to encourage her, because the life and the show must go on ORIGINAL FACE
Member reactions:
Clean chop but would like to see sources.
Congratulations on the Wood PixJockey... ; )
Congratulations PixJockey. So Good that I have to use this phrase again. Just Freaking Awesome.
Great chop, way too much coconut for me. I dated a gal like that and every time she turned towards me she just about knocked me out

Funny Barack Obama with Super Boobs

Barack Obama with Super Boobs
Where is Mexico's prosperity.
Member reactions:
This gives the phrase: "Got Milk." new meaning. Hilarious and conceptually accurate.
Hahaha Vlad, had me clikcing that link through twitter.

Funny Record Setting Boobs

Record Setting Boobs
World's Biggest ...
Member reactions:
When you need a sack of flower. ...There's never enough.
all that up stairs and in high heels, damm
Give's a whole 'nother meaning to "Hershey bars" LoL How does she manage not to fall face flat
I obviously had to "read" the article. Some claims are inflated, but not this one.

Funny Boob Job

Boob Job
Celebrity Boob Jobs

Funny Boob Job

Boob Job
Complete Boob Job... Source

Funny Shakira Boob Job

Shakira Boob Job
Member reactions:
Face is not matching with the skin colorwell tried
Shadow under chin would have helped. Skin colour can be matched by masking so the face is separate, then using replace colour, or selective colour (neutral).There are other ways but the above is fairly easy. Hope you don't mind me saying this Twister.

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