Barack Obama Playing a Bongo Drum
Barack Obama Playing a Bongo Drum
Barack Obama Playing a Bongo Drum. Member reactions:
Please take part numerous, so he will leave soon
This is hysterical. I can just see how the goose goes dancing back and forth, cause it's in the groove.
Cleaver and entertaining performance of both, definitely will make good fund for retirement
Thanks, everyone. Newsy-that's the "Aflac" Duck.
I almost forgot. Congratulations Paul on achieving #3 spot in the Hall Of Fame 169 and climbing. Freaking Awesome Man...
Congratulations on the gold.. You might want to frame this chop. It put you in the top three on FN with masters AZRainman and Funkwood.
Congrats on the # 3 spot in the Hall of Fame, Paulski.
Thanks,Splat. Thanks, Tim. Thanks, Newsy. Thanks, Andrew. FN has been a great addition to my life for the past three and a half years and I have loved every minute of it.
Thanks, Jim. Thanks, Bob. Thanks, gary.

Funny The Joker Playing Bongo Drums

The Joker Playing Bongo Drums

Funny Walking on Bongo Drums in Venice

Walking on Bongo Drums in Venice
Italian cleverness

Funny Snoop Dog's Bongo Drum Hat

Snoop Dog's Bongo Drum Hat

Funny Bear Playing Bongo Drums

Bear Playing Bongo Drums
Member reactions:
If the original text of the source image had been applied overtop of the drums then it would appear to be part of the original image and not added after the fact but it is still a nice entry.
I agree about the drums placed over the text. It makes an excellent idea into an average chop.
Excellent suggestion about the text. It looks much better now. Thanks.
I wonder if it is possible to change colour of the text over the drums. Red might be good or cyan. Just an idea.
hmmmmm reapeated comment... why does it do that.
This was my favorite in the contest. I wish it had placed in the top 3.

Funny Spiderman Playing Bongo Drums

Spiderman Playing Bongo Drums

Funny Bedtime for Bongo

Bedtime for Bongo
Member reactions:
Nice catch. A classic in American Cinematic art. They don't make'm like that any more.
Lol. Wasn't the original monkey called Bonzo. I had a toy dog called Bonzo once.
Yes, Bonzo. This is from the actual poster and so the Z had to become a G and that led to all sorts of new words being invented.

Funny Bongo Drum Swimming Pool

Bongo Drum Swimming Pool
ahi estan mi hermano,mi hermanita y mi primo...
Member reactions:
I agree with the espanol superlatives. Only major error I think, are those water drops on the marachas(splg.).

Funny Ice Cream in Bongo Drums

Ice Cream in Bongo Drums

Funny Bongo Drum Plant Holders

Bongo Drum Plant Holders
Member reactions:
One of the best entries in the contest. Clean work and quality concept

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