Full Moon Bonfire
Full Moon Bonfire
Full Moon Bonfire. SOURCE PICS The King of Darkness, likes to party, Sitting on his throne. His Throne of Skulls, is the perfect place, To watch & relish, upon the weak that moan. He lights a fire, too enhance the scene, The full moon draws them in. The weak… they blunder, they do not know, The Full Moon… will always win.
Member reactions:
to enhance the scene... an embrace, too. real nice
TY Gen.Pepper & Newsy. I Hope my STAB at poetry didn't ruin my image.

Funny Saddam Hussein Bonfire

Saddam Hussein Bonfire
Well, I don't know if I would call it a ghost but every time I light a bonfire in my backyard it seem to take on a pretty familiar shape... Saddam peeking out from New Jersey maybe.
Member reactions:
Great pic I would be a bit freaked to see this in my fire.

Funny Bonfire of the Vanities Daniel Craig

Bonfire of the Vanities Daniel Craig
You're so vain.
Member reactions:
Nice concept. Daniel could match the others better, though
That Daniel always sticks out in a crowd.

Funny Beach Bunny BonFire

Beach Bunny BonFire
Member reactions:
Nice chop. You should blur and wave a bit the text on Obama shirt

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