Unknown Bone Spur Memorial
Unknown Bone Spur Memorial
Unknown Bone Spur Memorial. Trump placing a wreath to honor his Bone Spur on Memorial Day
Member reactions:
Poor take on the holiday, but great chop.

Funny One bone for two

One bone for two
Member reactions:
Perfect swap. The dog's eye's are awesome.
Was me top vote, but 20 point don't count.
Thank you, HoHouse. We have fun during the process of our "art" performance. Place in the contest is secondary and score doesn't really bother me. Have a nice weekend.

Funny Digging Up Bones

Digging Up Bones

Funny Prehistoric Pi with Dinosaur Bones

Prehistoric Pi with Dinosaur Bones
Member reactions:
Nice, should've flopped the back ground since there are conflicting shadows on the bones
DeadDog gets the Bone. Gold Congrats, D.D. Great Job.
Great job DD. Congrats on well deserved gold The edits are due to a Brain fart.
Congrats on the gold, DD. Truly impressive stuff.

Funny Papa Bush Breaks A Bone In His Neck

Papa Bush Breaks A Bone In His Neck
Broken neck bone
Member reactions:
Gold and Woody Congrats, Paul. Excellent humor as always.
Congrats on the gold, Paul. He looks a bit like a Loch Ness monster with that neck


Member reactions:
Not bad use of the source though the lips are a bit too red in my humble opinion
Something awesomely disturbing: great ...

Funny Bones TV Gender Swap

Bones TV Gender Swap
Take the easy way out.

Funny Dogs Pointing a Gun at a Cat Who Has Their Bone

Dogs Pointing a Gun at a Cat Who Has Their Bone
For those who do not know the full story click here....The Main Story...Credit to langstrum Freakingnews member.. Source Images Full View
Member reactions:
Well done ... with the sources... the bones were completely eaten by the cat
Mindblowing Superbly done with the cat looks. Finally they got it nice story
Ha ha ha su impressive chop, eye roll and Tongue are Freaky
Wooden Congrats silvercanine nice work, I like the central cat's eyes especially, nice job making them look at the dog.
Insta-classic. Congrats on the wood, silvercanine.

Funny Bone Headed Skull

Bone Headed Skull
Source images
Member reactions:
Nice way to make a skull and like the eyes in particular, good use of source

Funny Duncan Milk-Bone Hines

Duncan Milk-Bone Hines

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