James Bond  Indian James
James Bond  Indian James
James Bond Indian James.

Funny Bond and Bean - Baked Beans and Vodka Martini costumes

Bond and Bean - Baked Beans and Vodka Martini costumes
Intersection of fashion and technology. Cooking beans and production alcohol.

Funny Me, Myself and Bond

Me, Myself and Bond
Extreme roles for a man of subtle differences.

Funny W guest of the James Bond island

W guest of the James Bond island


Old homework
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Great, like how you melded the women into the rocks.

Funny Hillary Clinton as Jane Bond

Hillary Clinton as Jane Bond
Supporting Cast: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Barack Obama, Uncle Joe Biden, Big Al Sharpton, and “Live and Let Die” actor Geoffrey Holder Sources
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Much work in this one congratz on gold UncleChamp .
Thank You HoHouse, I hear you now. Thanks Denlig and Armatien I appreciate your nice comments.
A wonderfully eye catching chop, Uncle-C. Congrats on the Gold.
Thanks Kellie and Splatz very much appreciated.


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Grats awesome, really clear and clean poster, looks great.

Funny Summer Glau `Jane Bond`

Summer Glau `Jane Bond`
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Awesome piece of work, Splaz. Knew this was done by a pro.

Funny Daniel Craig retirement as James Bond and his replacement Nicole

Daniel Craig retirement as James Bond and his replacement Nicole
Daniel Craig retirement as James Bond and his replacement Nicole Kidman. "The king is dead, long live the king.", sorry James Bond.
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Try a little contrast, most of your entries are to bright, might be contrast problem with your monitor, or my eyes
More contrast,or my eyes
Thank you, HoHouse. Added contrast. Please use Full view. Dammit, I used my new glasses. I will change my optometrist.
Very good one deserved better place for me .

Funny Hillary Bond

Hillary Bond
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This works
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Silver Congrats MrAssad, Great job close race

Funny Daniel Craig Post Bond

Daniel Craig Post Bond
What will Daniel Craig do beyond Bond? The actor has had few non-007 screen roles in years – but two new films show his range, one of which is a drama at the Toronto Film Festival about the 1992 LA riots.Craig has appeared on stage to great acclaim during that six-year period, but Kings and the critically acclaimed Logan Lucky are important screen milestones for him as he begins to wind down his tenure as James Bond. It's time to help Daniel Craig with future roles! Create images of Daniel Craig in movie roles that we might see him acting in the future. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on this story Visit This Link

Funny Bond, Jane Bond

Bond, Jane Bond
The producers of the James Bond films are to make a "female-driven" thriller starring Gossip Girl's Blake Lively. Based on the novel by Britain's Mark Burnell, The Rhythm Section will see her as a woman who becomes an assassin to avenge the deaths of her family. Reed Morano, who directed the first three episodes of hit TV series The Handmaid's Tale, will direct the film. Why not just create a FEMALE James Bond? Let's call her Jane. Create images of JANE BOND, super secret M6 female spy. Use any woman as your Bond, Jane Bond. For more on this story Visit This Link

Funny James Bond Island (Ko Tapu)

James Bond Island (Ko Tapu)
Photoshop this image of James Bond Island in Thailand (Ko Tapu) any way you wish. Some examples are: re-shaping the James Bond Island, making Ko Tapu appear in unusual tourist locations, putting some famous tourist attractions on the James Bond Island, using this James Bond Island image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to pierre-mary Thibault for providing the source photo.

Funny James Bond

James Bond
This Friday was the 55th birthday of Pierce Brosnan, who is most famous for his James Bond roles in Die Another Day, The World Is Not Enough, GoldenEye, and Tomorrow Never Dies. This month (May 28) is also the 100th anniversary of Ian Fleming - the creator of James bond - who portrayed the famous secret agent in twelve novels and nine short stories. In honor of Ian Fleming's upcoming 100th birthday and Pierce Brosnan's 55th birthday, photoshop anything related to James Bond. Some examples are: photoshop any James Bond movies with new cast (e.g. South Park characters in the leading roles), turn any products into James Bond gadgets, show what life would be like if James Bond characters ruled the world, give Bond theme to famous paintings, etc. Here's an example 1, and example 2.

Funny James Bond: Casino Royale

James Bond: Casino Royale
[ New James Bond movie "Casino Royale" was #1 in all 27 countries where it opened, earning $42.2 mil from the UK, Russia, India and small territories in the Mideast and Asia. In the US, however, 007 flick lost the first spot to Warner's "Happy Feet." ] I am still trying to understand how the latest supercool James Bond was beaten by penguins in the US? Could this be because the new James Bond is actually hmm... blond? That's right, the new James Bond, British actor Daniel Craig, is naturally blond. Craig had a whole set of troubles while filming this 007 flick: Charlize Theron turned down the role when she found Craig will be the new Bond; Craig could not drive Bond's Aston Martin and had to learn how to drive a stick shift; and finally he had his front teeth knocked out in a fight scene. The movie is definitely worth seeing, especially the scenes where Daniel Craig tries to seduce cheap chicks by introducing himself as "Blond. James Blond" and ordering diet coke "shaken, not stirred." That and placing his license to kill upside-down in his wallet, then identifying himself as Agent LOO. In this contest you are asked to photoshop latest James Bond movie Casino Royale in any way you like E.g. mate it with another movie, design product advertisements promoted with the movie, etc. Your entries have to include Daniel Craig in them.

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