Suicide Bomber at The End of Time
Suicide Bomber at The End of Time
Suicide Bomber at The End of Time.

Funny Daybreakers Angel Bomber

Daybreakers Angel Bomber
Member reactions:
Super thought, sucking from the bomb is craziest show to the world.. out of the box, brilliant

Funny The Egg Bomber Terrorist Makes an Omelet

The Egg Bomber Terrorist Makes an Omelet
after the blast
Member reactions:
Freaky thought and very well executed, heads off

Funny Boot Bomber Plane

Boot Bomber Plane
Member reactions:
Oh dear...another freaking fantastical creation. I'm speechless.
This is gorgeous - looks like an illustration for a children's book.
Absolutely fabulous. sigh, my pics going in the bin .
Thanks so much, years of dabbling with oil paints helps in that area
WINNER, 1st place Well thats my prediction
love the nose.... manure on the souls nice touch.. great work.
this is awesome . how do you get the colors like that . plz do a tut for us mortals plz .
HILARIOUS . . . instead of Das Boot, it's Der Fliegenstiefel . . . Magnificent work "hidden" top marks. Nose, nose, anything goes
Thanks for all the great comments guys. I had a lot of fun messing with the colors and tonal values. vipez, I wouldn't know where to begin for a tut. I didn't use any special plugins, just fiddled with the hue, saturation, brightness and contrast a lot. (A lot being the key word)
Super work as always. Great in every way.

Funny Netherlands Shoe Bomber

Netherlands Shoe Bomber
( this is my very first entry) SNEAKER 1 , Amsterdam's newest experimental craft is stuck on the runway.
Member reactions:
Genius concept. and very clean execution. Pity the full view is not bigger though. Remember our system will do all the resizing for you - just make sure the image is below 350 KB. Love how you did the copter. and you can always edit your entry any time before the contest voting ends - just click the "edit" link under the image on the separate entry view page. last but not least - big welcome to Freaking News.
Thanks Newsmaster. Now I understand the sizing and was not clear about the auto-resize I was sizing to match the preview images. Got it. I read much of the HELP FAQs and not everything sank in. As a rookie I'll try to get it together so thanks for the patience and the nice words. Freaking cool site.
New-bee word converts to " nubile young thing" ... glad I re-read after posting comment. I'll go with " rookie" then.
nice one ficks and BIG welcome to FreakingNews keep going and surprise us as well
LoL your humour Ficks...enjoy ya stay with us

Funny Underwear Bomber at the Airport

Underwear Bomber at the Airport
This actually IS the "Underwear Bomber's" head.
Member reactions:
Many great details here. Nice instructions The terrorists and Incontinental Airlines cracked me up. Imagine this ad: If you want an airline that always puts the customer first instead of making them number two, then Incontinental is the way to go.
Okay, I'm officially Newsy's straight man. Thanks for the compliments, Newsy. You never miss anything. Love your ad idea.
Like I said........... KABOOM... I think I recognize Ahmed.
Thanks, RW. I'm comin' for ya. Bwahahah.
Congratulations Prcdds. 'Underwear Bomber' reminds me of a song entitled: "Hot Nuts" by Doug Clark & his Hot Nuts. (
Congrats on the bronze, pcrdds. P.S. I did notice the underwear brand in full view.
Thanks, Hitspinner and blooddiamond. I knew you'd see it, Newsy. Thanks.
congrats on the bronze pcrdds. Great work with lot of it

Funny Chili Bomber

Chili Bomber
Member reactions:
that's so cool slixter , congrats on the woody
Slick work by the Slixter... Top airbruched efx.

Funny If Israel Had A Suicide Bomber

If Israel Had A Suicide Bomber
They do things with style
Member reactions:
Too freaking clever. Love how you chose Ben Stiller and how he's holding a wine glass
Good work
This is a cracker & well bought together also.
Ben singing: Hit me Hitman one more time. Excellent chop, Hits, congrats on the silver.
Awesome chop HitS. Super color scheme and I like the fragmented motion effects.. grats on the silver.
awesome colors and great imagination and humor, Hits. Congrats.
that's was great teacher , congrats on the silver , keep up your fantastic works ..

Funny Parachute Bomber Girl

Parachute Bomber Girl
The Modern day suicide bomber takes a page from the kamikaze.
Member reactions:
This vacation was a blast. One of the most creative concepts in the contest. Congratulations on the silver, cryhavoc.

Funny Pretty Woman Bomber

Pretty Woman Bomber
A perfect pin up girl. I thought she would look even better immortilized on the nose of an old bomber plane. A-la Memphis Belle. Please view full.
Member reactions:
A very good idea. I think the lower part of her body needs to be a little darker; either by decreasing the colour levels, by lowering the opacity of this area, and/or masking-out at low pressure settings so that more of the existing fuselage shows through and it gives the impression that the painting of her is wrapped around and under the fuselage. Right now it looks like her lower half is coming away from the plane.
Thanks c00p, I was actually working on that issue. I think it looks better now. Let me know what you think.
Great work, but it's a DC3 cargo plane vice bomber. Most in the European Theatre were brown
It was very hard to find a high res. bomber nose section source image. I had to use what I could find. It got the point across. It's an undercover bomber.
sorry triple post, my bad.

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