Despite Truce `Bombing` Continues
Despite Truce `Bombing` Continues
Despite Truce "Bombing" Continues. Despite the "truce" Russian backed forces continued "shelling". Despite Truce, Shelling Continues in Parts of Ukraine
Member reactions:
I would like to invite you to aim my place first
Not so bad. Helps in case of pain, sorrow, cold an so on....

Funny Bombing into the 2015

Bombing into the 2015
Waves of Bombing in Syria

Funny The Kardashian Butt Bomb

The Kardashian Butt Bomb
Click Here For The Butt Bomb Story
Member reactions:
ha, I guess everyone is so use to seeing bobble heads here that a normal head look wrong. but that's OK.

Funny Obama Begins The Bombing

Obama Begins The Bombing
The Airstrikes begin Unfortunately, due to poor navigational skills, he was over Egypt at the time.
Member reactions:
Amazing Very well executed.Nice Little Aircraft
.. Obama gets his flight to Bomb crazy expressions good one
Congrads on the threesome, fantastic job.

Funny The First Photo Bomb

The First Photo Bomb

Funny Jay Carney Making Bombs

Jay Carney Making Bombs
Member reactions:
It's a dirty job but someone has to do it.
Nice blending. I would keep his original nose though

Funny Army Dropping Pumpkin Bombs on Village

Army Dropping Pumpkin Bombs on Village
Member reactions:
, this should be on a cover of the next Album of Smashing Pumpkins.
Good idea Nice to see using Pumpkin in this way also..
Can also be used as a IOS or Android Game great to see this using Pumpkins as bullets

Funny Kendra McKenzie Gill Lying on a Bomb

Kendra McKenzie Gill Lying on a Bomb

Funny US Drops Unarmed Bombs on Great Barrier Reef

US Drops Unarmed Bombs on Great Barrier Reef
US Planes low on fuel are forced to drop unarmed bombs off Australia coast BOMB NEWS Missed the weekly News deadline
Member reactions:
Excellent Nice to see the half bomb under the sea and half outside the sea Nice sea view too
simple yet so your water effects
A chop worthy to be a professional poster for a movie. Congrats on the silver, Hitman.
Thanks Bob, Ariel, Doc, Gummy, and Newsey Oh by the way I illustrated the bomb. I couldn't find one cartoonish enough
"ARRRGGHH, Matey.. " Fire in the sand--Congratulations. Fine 'wet work'.

Funny Barack Obama Bombs Great Barrier Reef

Barack Obama Bombs Great Barrier Reef
Just missed this week's News in Pictures contest - U.S. military jettisons bombs near Australia's Great Barrier Reef

Funny North Korea Explodes Nuclear Bomb

North Korea Explodes Nuclear Bomb
[ If you haven't heard the explosion yesterday, nor saw the TV or read newspapers, let me say it real quick - North Korea exploded its first nuclear bomb under ground yesterday. At least they claim they did, because scientists are skeptical it was a nuclear explosion. Seismographs all over the world detected a blast at around 1 kiloton or less - equivalent to the explosive force of 1,000 tons of TNT. For a nuclear device, that would be so weak that the French defense minister suggested that "there could have been a failure" with the North Korean reported test. ] OK, let's see what we have here. Seismographs all over the world detect a blast too weak for atomic explosion. North Korea says "It was a nuclear explosion, dammit!". It was underground too, so there're no radioactive clouds that can be detected either. With the same luck, North Korean Kim Jong-il could have farted in the UN building and claim it was a nuke exlposion. And then other world leaders could confirm that they heard a blast, and that it definitely smells fishy. In this contest you are asked to show that North Korean Nuclear test was a staged hoax. Show the creative ways how they could have done it; magazine covers exposing the hoax; tourism advertisements promoting North Korean amusements, new products and toys connected to fake nukes, etc.

Funny Grenades and Bombs

Grenades and Bombs
Integrate / camouflage grenades and bombs into something they don't belong - food, architecture, furniture, toys, electronics, everyday items, etc. Grenades and bombs must be shown "not detonated".

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