Kate Moss the Bodybuilder
Kate Moss the Bodybuilder
Kate Moss the Bodybuilder.

Funny Michelle Obama Bodybuilder Turns 50

Michelle Obama Bodybuilder Turns 50
Michelle Obama celebrates her 50th birthday.
Member reactions:
You proved that she's one of the most powerful women in the word. Ob's T-shirt is nice, hahaha
Michelle looks hot and strong with age and Obama is really bad at match... Not able to calculate her age Lovely birthday cake
Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Jim. Thanks, Newsy. Thanks, QMS.

Funny Will Smith Femal Bodybuilder

Will Smith Femal Bodybuilder
Member reactions:
Fun image, shame the body colour doesn't match the face. A little yellow would fix the face colour.
Or selective colour -->neutral --> tweak the yellow and magenta until is is correct.
, Nice use of sources, Yeah agreed with the Azur.

Funny Shakira Bodybuilder

Shakira Bodybuilder
Member reactions:
So good face work, pretty awesome
People start working out after 35 .... Cool job

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger the Woman Bodybuilder

Arnold Schwarzenegger the Woman Bodybuilder
Member reactions:
Clever and nice work . . . I like that he's looking at you even though his head is turned

Funny Laurence Fishburne Bodybuilder

Laurence Fishburne Bodybuilder
Member reactions:
Nice job, I like the # 50 on there . . . maybe you could have changed it to his name on the the poster behind him . . .

Funny The Mutant Bodybuilder

The Mutant  Bodybuilder
Member reactions:
Hahaha, the child star is back and he's using steroids.

Funny Bodybuilder with Short Arms and Tiny Head

Bodybuilder with Short Arms and Tiny Head

Funny Woman Bodybuilder Steroid Dream

Woman Bodybuilder Steroid Dream
Member reactions:
Freaky... D-man, I'm with you - only these dreams were nightmares.

Funny Gisele Bundchen Bodybuilder

Gisele Bundchen Bodybuilder

Funny Partial Bodybuilders

Partial Bodybuilders
First lady Michelle Obama, may have a fashion following after her frequent appearances in sleeveless outfits showing off her nicely toned arms. More and more women now want to wear sleeveless dresses, and gym instructors report that women clients are asking about getting “Obama arms.” We wish to pre-warn all these women not to over-exercise their arms - otherwise instead of Michelle Obama arms they'll get this or even worse... heavy muscled Madonna arms. Take any celebrity or politician, and make part of their bodies over exercised (bodybuilder like) as in this example. Please note that we are looking for only partial bodybuilder transformations (e.g. arms, legs), do not turn a whole celebrity into a whole bodybuilder.

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