Fireman's body for next movie
Fireman's body for next movie
Fireman's body for next movie. Member reactions:
Especially this pink nose. Congratulations Looks figurative

Funny Leonardo's body fans from Democratic Party

Leonardo's body fans from Democratic Party

Funny Body Replacement

Body Replacement

Funny Removal parasites from candidate's body

Removal parasites from candidate's body
Scientists like Barack Obama so much that they named a parasite after him
Member reactions:
Great chop and you for sure win for best news story. Cracks me up.

Funny Camel with an Upside Down Body

Camel with an Upside Down Body
Member reactions:
Great Work but, I ain't riding that thing home.

Funny Vladimir Putin the Body Builder

Vladimir Putin the Body Builder
Member reactions:
Much better with some reflections on is head.

Funny Barack Obama as a Female Body Builder

Barack Obama as a Female Body Builder

Funny Gymnast Body Slamming a Wrestler

Gymnast Body Slamming a Wrestler
Member reactions:
I like the blending too, but she looks bigger than man.
i think it looks fine...she's falling on top of them... the rest glad you liked my design
with the votes im not is whst is....i know improving a lot

Funny Miley Cyrus as a Male Body Builder

Miley Cyrus as a Male Body Builder
Miley Cyrus with her future father in law

Funny Einstein the Body Builder

Einstein the Body Builder
... but there is more "mass" than "energy" here.
Member reactions:
Smartest bicepts in the world hahahahah. This is pretty cool...

Funny Body Scanners

Body Scanners
England is implementing full body scanners in their airports. When conventional metal detectors trigger an alarm, the selected passengers must pose inside the scanner, which sees through their clothing to detect contraband underneath. The rule is simple - "if passengers refuse, they don't fly". There has been much controversy in the US about whether to implement such scanner machines, for ethical reasons. Many passengers don't feel comfortable being seen "without clothes" by airport security people. Use any types of body scanners to show what some celebrities may be hiding under their clothes. Make sure your entries are Safe For Work. Airport body scanners, portable body scanners, body scanner glasses, any body scanner gadgets can be used in this contest. Here's a good example by Franko.

Funny Body Parts

Body Parts
With the recent health care advances, more and more people receive complex organ transplants which were not possible years ago. The trend even got into Hollywood: the recent movie "The Eye" (2008) shows the main heroine undergoing a cornea transplant which gives her strange visions. The 2003 Oscar-winning movie "21 Gram" shows a person who receives a heart transplant, and how it changes his life. Photoshop how life would be different if the human body were easily assembled with the replaceable body parts (just like cars or any other industrial products). Here is a good example. You are encouraged to be more creative than just doing cyborgs.

Funny Out-of-body Experience

Out-of-body Experience
For the first time in history scientists were able to recreate out-of-body experiences without any use of drugs, in as many as 10 participants of the scientific experiment. The ten people reported seeing their own bodies from another location while being absolutely awake. This sensation caused some participants to get scared, but others were simply excited. This experiment is considered an important step to broadening the understanding of relationship between consciousness and human body. Photoshop out-of-body experience by showing ghost-like human soul next to its live body. Choose celebrities, politicians and any famous characters, and show how soul may disagree (or agree) with what a body is doing. Examples may be Lindsay Lohan trying to get in the car drunk, while her soul is trying to stop her. You can change the size and shape of a soul, but try to make it recognizable (e.g. soul of Donald Trump should at least resemble him somehow) and make sure both soul and body of the same person are in the picture.

Funny Body Jobs

Body Jobs
Replace any body part with mechanical or electrical parts.

Funny Extra Body Parts

Extra Body Parts
Create new and odd appendages for humans including new hands, new feet, legs and toes.

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