David Beckham Soccer Referee Bobblehead
David Beckham Soccer Referee Bobblehead
David Beckham Soccer Referee Bobblehead. Soccer ball is from 1930 World Cup Competition.
Member reactions:
Looks funny with his dirty ball in his hands
Nice idea and very cute looks with artistic touch to the entry

Funny Valeria Sorokoletova Bobblehead

Valeria Sorokoletova Bobblehead
thin super models already look like they got big heads so i didn't have to do much
Member reactions:
It looks like her head is shown in a magnifying glass good job
Simple, Elegant and executed like a true pro. Almost too perfect. Maybe should have added a fly on her nose to make people stop and go "WTF", you know ..pasy closer attention. I dunno, It's sort of a trick I use and works sometimes
Hey thanks, great idea. It seems that most people only vote for ones they like rather than giving every piece a score that it deserves. I think they should make it mandatory that everyone who submits must vote on all pieces. That' seems to be a more fair way of doing it rather than using a weighted system.

Funny Shakira Bobblehead

Shakira Bobblehead
Shakira the beautiful bobble head girl

Funny Barack Obama Bobblehead on a Donkey

Barack Obama Bobblehead on a Donkey
Member reactions:
Nice water work. The shoe in the back looks too large and turned at the wrong angle, unless you're saying Obama has a club foot. I don't think his hair stands up like that and your edges could be softer. I use a large soft brush with very little power and grab a color of the background near the edge and paint lightly over the edge of the object being inserted -- this makes them look like they're from the same moment (in addition to "color match" and "exposure" etc.) Good donkey source, nice background. Good luck.
Awesome..and I dont mind if he has club foot
A well deserved ride.... Obama looks funnier with Bottle head He seems to be much happier to get into a donkey

Funny Barbie Girl Nicki Minaj Bobblehead

Barbie Girl Nicki Minaj Bobblehead
Nicki Minaj Sources
Member reactions:
Her as a Barbie look-alike. Nah...she's a BoobyHead. Nice work-good luck.
She's wearing a dress that has Barbie on it.
Well done on the sources... and a big foot and a bottled head is awesome good choice of using the source pic
I dunno what this is doing here and not wrestling with the other chops at the top, I thought this was goofified magic. Ahhh I see the boo-boo now on second inspection... bloody crop halo around her. Nope, they'll ding that every time. Still... fun stuff, mate.
OH, no, Hitspinner -- that was my bad shadow attempt. She was cleanly cropped.

Funny Susan Sarandon Bobblehead

Susan Sarandon Bobblehead
Member reactions:
You've got the edge of a mask on her throat. Nice source, though.
She looks pretty and cool... But where is the bottle-headed concept here

Funny Gwen Stefani Bobblehead

Gwen Stefani Bobblehead
Member reactions:
The neck looks a little painterly. Wish you had cloned out the red writing on the left side and extended the hedge up behind her head. Good choice, she sort of looks like a bobblehead anyway.
Lean body and a Big head with extra hat to carry on it well done
Thanks for the critique. However Suzseams and extending images out of the border are my signature styles. All my entries have both.

Funny Chesley Sullenberger Bobblehead

Chesley Sullenberger Bobblehead
Member reactions:
Amazing work...cool background and shadows
This big heads makes him to take critical decisions Very well done too big to put into the frame

Funny Robert Downey Jr Bobblehead

Robert Downey Jr Bobblehead
I thought this chop of Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark) fit his personality quite well. If your curious the body belongs to Joe Perry.
Member reactions:
Very nice. I wish the words were a little higher so they didn't cross behind his beard. Nice source.
Thanks. I had rough time trying to place his name.
Its a rockstar look given to that person looks awesome and clean job done
Thanks everyone. I really enjoyed making the custom background and logo for this one.

Funny Marilyn Monroe Bobblehead

Marilyn Monroe Bobblehead
Member reactions:
Thanks, Eric. I was pretty happy with the results.
Great image processing ... congrats IcyAllEyeCan ...
Thank you, all. This is a keeper; I'm proud of it.

Funny Bobblehead Celebrities

Bobblehead Celebrities
Reddit user SamuEL got famous for creating a series of celebrities that look like bobble heads. Note how he keeps them as photo-realistic as possible, so celebrities in his works actually look like big-headed freaks. Yeah, that's one of the reasons Photoshop was created! Take any celebrities and turn them into bobbleheads as in the examples above.

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