Honest Bob
Honest Bob
Honest Bob. Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell Convicted On 11 Counts Of Corruption
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He's such a loser that he's wearing a shirt with loser misspelled.
Just like Blagojevich - he went from hero to zero in no time

Funny bye bob

bye bob
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Sweet chop. You gave him a great send-off. Congrats on the silver, Gary
Quality work, though his face became not so easy recognizable. He had a very round face, so it'd be nice to keep it round in the caricature too. Also I'd keep his original nose shape (he had quite a pointy nose) - then even caricature would be easily recognized as Bob Hoskins. Still a great job though

Funny Bob, You Were Good In Any Role

 Bob, You Were Good In Any Role
We'll Miss You.
Member reactions:
funny gothic chop. She is quite perfect. Nis face need some work.
This is a cool idea, LMFAO. Jesica... Has a lot of charm. Congrats on the Bronzie, Hobbit
Clever "Roger Rabbit" remake of the classic art piece. I love how you did Jessica and the rabbit in the window.

Funny Bye Bye Bob

Bye Bye Bob
Member reactions:
Awesome background. Expressions fit perfectly.
TY Doc, Luciano, ehlersk (Better be ), balodiya, MrVman, Doc and Hobbit
I thought this was yours, it's so darn beautiful and your chops really are tops. Congrats on the win...

Funny Bob Hoskins As Danny DeVito

Bob Hoskins As Danny DeVito
Member reactions:
Top 5 congrats Doc. Was a pretty tough contest this time
Excellent merge. Added to my fav's. See your great pictures in following contests.
Thanks, everyone. This took a lot more effort than people realize.
Hoskins often compared himself to De Vito... they even look a bit similar. You brought these two in a perfect blend.

Funny Last picture taken by Bob Hoskins with his Queen and Roger

Last picture taken by Bob Hoskins with his Queen and Roger
Member reactions:
0.10th of a point separating you and Doc... This is where the 1 Karma voters actually can decide the vote Well done on grabbing the wood cup.
Selfies are becoming a must these days - great tribute.

Funny Vitruvian Bob

Vitruvian Bob
Member reactions:
Excellent idea, you should add some blurring and noise to give the sensation of an old craft

Funny Bob's Eye Problem

Bob's Eye Problem
Member reactions:
Good concept and It's very danger problem
And this was after the first skier....wait for the other 69 that will come soon .
It looks like the ball came directly from the window and hit in his eye good work on this showcase event
I feel sorry for Bob, but this is an awesome chop
Congrats LunaC... very freaky in a great way.
Congrats on the silver for this masterchop.

Funny Bob Dylan with a Howard Stern Wig

Bob Dylan with a Howard Stern Wig

Funny Baghdad Bob by Rembrandt

Baghdad Bob by Rembrandt

Funny Remembering Bob Hoskins

Remembering Bob Hoskins
This Tuesday another Hollywood star has fallen. British actor Bob Hoskins died at age 71. Hoskins became world famous after playing detective Eddie Valiant in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" (1988) - a live action and animation hybrid. The film became the second highest grossing movie of the year after "Rain Man". After "Roger Rabbit" Hoskins played numerous characters on the big screen, from gangsters to tough guys to working-class gentlemen. He appeared in at least one movie per year from 1972 till his retirement in 2012. Here are 7 facts about him you might not know. What is your Hoskins' favorite role? To pay tributes to Bob Hoskins, photoshop him any way you wish. Image credit: Walt Disney Co.

Funny Bob Marley Songs

Bob Marley Songs
It's a good week for Bob Marley fans. If he were still alive, the Jamaican reggae legend would turn 65 this Saturday. To celebrate, many reggae bands around the world will be playing Bob Marley songs on Saturday. To Celebrate Bob Marley's 65th birthday at Freaking News, depict/photoshop the titles of any of the Bob Marley's songs. Alternatively, illustrate/photoshop any of the lyrics from Bob Marley songs (in this case please list the lyrics lines and the song title in entry creator comments).

Funny Bob Novak

Bob Novak
Robert D. Novak, 78, an influential columnist and panelist on TV news-discussion shows who called himself a "stirrer up of strife" on behalf of conservative causes, died today at his home in Washington. Novak's syndicated column, originally written with Rowland Evans, ran in The Washington Post for decades, and he was a CNN host and commentator for a quarter century before jumping to Fox. Bob Novak, RIP. To honor the remarkable reporter, photoshop Bob Novak tributes.

Funny Baghdad Bob

Baghdad Bob
Photoshop Baghdad Bob (Comical Ali) in other jobs that he could have chosen to start his career over with.

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