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Funny Bob Pictures

Vitruvian BobFunny Vitruvian Bob
Member reactions:

Very funny,He is fix on the circle.....
Excellent idea, you should add some blurring and noise to give the sensation of an old craft

Bob's Eye ProblemFunny Bob's Eye Problem
Member reactions:

Good concept and It's very danger problem
And this was after the first skier....wait for the other 69 that will come soon .
It looks like the ball came directly from the window and hit in his eye good work on this showcase event
I feel sorry for Bob, but this is an awesome chop
Congrats LunaC... very freaky in a great way.
Congrats on the silver for this masterchop.

This is Bob Dylan with my wigFunny This is Bob Dylan with my wig
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Next Up: `Bob, the Magic Bear`Funny Next Up: `Bob, the Magic Bear`
Member reactions:

He's always nervous before going on stage, but once he's in front of the audience, he's golden.
Love the Magician holding the innocent Rabbit... waiting for his turn good one
Thanks.. Had to think "what does a magician have." ... I think I got it all, except maybe a saw to saw a woman in half.

Bob-blehead DeniroFunny Bob-blehead Deniro
Member reactions:

Like to see himself as a trophy and the spring reaction gives it a freaky look

Baghdad BobFunny Baghdad Bob
Member reactions:

Monroe BobbingFunny Monroe Bobbing
Member reactions:

Thanks, Eric. I was pretty happy with the results.
Great image processing ... congrats IcyAllEyeCan ...
Thank you, all. This is a keeper; I'm proud of it.

Bayou BobFunny Bayou Bob
Member reactions:

Just one step to get into.... like his expressions and ignoring the Sign post

Member reactions:

Genius concept. The street artist fits perfectly here. Congrats on the bronze, slick.

Obama hangs medal on Bob Dylan.Funny Obama hangs medal on Bob Dylan.
Member reactions:

President Barack Obama presents rock legend Bob Dylan with a Medal of Freedom
Moved the entry and fixed the link for you (it was non-clickable). Great work.
Thanks NewsMaster, much appreciated.
Nicely done hidden clever with the harmonica medal the perspective angle of the potted plant doesn't match that of the rest of image, mostly the podium that it is meant to appear sitting on. You can use the microphones as a perspective guide. Also, Obama's face appears to be lit opposite from the other two.
Excellent the medal of Freedom good one with the caricatured heads and well presented with the brightness

Bob Marley SongsFunny Bob Marley Songs - It's a good week for Bob Marley fans. If he were still alive, the Jamaican reggae legend would turn 65 this Saturday. To celebrate, many reggae bands around the world will be playing Bob Marley songs on Saturday. To Celebrate Bob Marley's 65th birthday at Freaking News, depict/photoshop the titles of any of the Bob Marley's songs. Alternatively, illustrate/photoshop any of the lyrics from Bob Marley songs (in this case please list the lyrics lines and the song title in entry creator comments).

Bob NovakFunny Bob Novak - Robert D. Novak, 78, an influential columnist and panelist on TV news-discussion shows who called himself a "stirrer up of strife" on behalf of conservative causes, died today at his home in Washington. Novak's syndicated column, originally written with Rowland Evans, ran in The Washington Post for decades, and he was a CNN host and commentator for a quarter century before jumping to Fox. Bob Novak, RIP. To honor the remarkable reporter, photoshop Bob Novak tributes.

Baghdad BobFunny Baghdad Bob - Photoshop Baghdad Bob (Comical Ali) in other jobs that he could have chosen to start his career over with.

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