Boarder Patrol
Boarder Patrol
Boarder Patrol. Member reactions:
Love the Canadian Flag background. Sparkle in the eye and an overall smooth feel. Nice touch, Icy.

Funny Invisible Skate Boarder

Invisible Skate Boarder
Member reactions:
Very well done with speed effect to the visible parts only, lovely work
The motion effect really ads to this already outstanding chop

Funny Snowman About to be Hit By a Fire Boarder

Snowman About to be Hit By a Fire Boarder
Member reactions:
indeed, Pree. It is just a matter of time before these extreme psycho-teen-adrenalin junkies think of this
10 more minutes would bring the perfectness (like the sticks are broken and also i couldn't understand where the fireskater stands. If behind why highlight appears in sm's face, if front why it doesn't on the ground so on..). Any way goodjob
Honestly, short on time. Not all of my chops need to be out of the park. This one is a quick chuckle with just enough effort to get the message across and still be able to play with my mates
Freaking great work. Should have placed higher. I'd use the bucket from the source instead of a hat - to use more of the source. Still job job from Mr. Hitman.
Ahh thanks Newsey, this one is where it belongs. It was a 20 minute wonder just for giggles

Funny Liquid Boarder

Liquid Boarder
Surreal Olympic Sport- The Gatorade Half Pipe
Member reactions:
that'd be a great ad in a mag. awesome work.
Bet 10 credits I know who did this one... Brilliant, colorful, artistic, and surreal. Congrats.

Funny Webcams on Mexican Boarder

Webcams on Mexican Boarder
Rick Perry has announced a $5 million plan to install hundreds of night-vision cameras on private land along the Mexican border and put the live video on the Internet....

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