Taxed Bmw X5
Taxed Bmw X5
Taxed Bmw X5. Member reactions:
Good chop, love the monkey on the A$$, congrats on your win.
Excellent taxed image. Congrats on the Wood, Manosart. Beautifully done but a little white masking issue on top the mule's mane may have held it back.
Amazing work on the car paint... Mecanic suspention.

Funny BMW M2 spider

BMW M2 spider
Member reactions:
blend a bit more of the front driveway ,,Otherwise terrific..
Good shorty car but we can see the cut in the wheel arches and the front pavement.

Funny BMW in short

BMW in short
Member reactions:
Good Chop, personally, I would have accentuated the car shortening.

Funny New BMW Defence System

New  BMW Defence System
BMW renders a 42-wheel mega car, proving it might be the coolest car company in the world
Member reactions:
Excellent... The BMW is turned to a Warfare Vehicle good idea

Funny BMW Vector Art

BMW Vector Art
Member reactions:
Nice.... BMW mix on the antique vehicle good one

Funny Renoir BMW Advert

Renoir BMW Advert
Member reactions:
Renoir knew that expensive cars and hot chicks go together naturally. Too awesome.
should have masked the hair of the girl with more precision and it would have been perfect
Beautiful Ad, the Renoir logo is priceless ..congrats X-mate

Funny BMW Combi Van

BMW Combi Van
Member reactions:
I am ready for that bong hit now Looks like a ... hmmm maybe 59.

Funny Skoda BMW Hybrid

Skoda BMW Hybrid
Member reactions:
Yup, good one. Skoda was actually bought by WV so apparently it got much better

Funny Maserati + BMW

Maserati + BMW
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Member reactions:
this is done really well i looked at it full , smooth.. nice
just curious, but why BOTH grills. And overlapping. The Mas grill looks like it is pasted on and 'floating.
I think both grills make it a betted blend in this case. Quality work

Funny BMW with Legs

BMW with Legs
BMW has come up with another great idea. They now have a hybrid option you can switch to when traffic slows to a crawl.
Member reactions:
I love the dog legs and the AKC license plate.
Sorry double post.
Only problem is that the exhaust smells like dog farts

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