Blue Christmas for Elvis
Blue Christmas for Elvis
Blue Christmas for Elvis. Funny two of us put Jailhouse Rock and prison bars together for bar code. So it's either a very good idea, or a very bad one. I had a lot of fun with this. It kind of screams for an audio track. You can do anything, but don't step on my blue cell bars..

Funny Blues Brothers preDux

Blues Brothers preDux
Member reactions:
Style-wise I thought this was the best in the contest. Very stylish and original poster design.

Funny Blue turkey

Blue turkey

Funny Underwater Blues

Underwater Blues

Funny Blue Is the Warmest Colour

Blue Is the Warmest Colour

Funny The Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers
Member reactions:
Top 5 congrats. Perfect fitting characters

Funny blue sky

blue sky
Member reactions:
Nice Work. and Very Imaginative. But the white feathered borders are UN-appealing to me.
Add some shadows from the gorilla onto the ostrich and get rid of the foggy borders and you have a top entry
Sure the top one following the suggestions.
Congrats on the Silver as well, Illum.. Very Nice

Funny Perry's Blue Hair

Perry's Blue Hair

Funny Jake's Blue Eyes

Jake's Blue Eyes

Funny NSF! The red, blue and WHITE FLAG

NSF! The red, blue and WHITE FLAG
History will record the feared Chinese "yellow tide" drowned in a sea of American Red Ink. Irony is a cruel master, much like the late Mao.
Member reactions:
Cool beans The letters on the flag read "NSA", right.

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