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Funny Blues Pictures

Blue eyesFunny Blue eyes
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Blue bird not admittedFunny Blue bird not admitted
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Turkey bans Twitter
Ridiculous what they did. Maybe they will introduce the Turkish analog of Twitter and call it Turtter. Job well done.
Good try. NM comment on the Turtter is very hilarious.

The blues brothersFunny The blues brothers
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This is another portrait that is nicely done.

Blue eyeFunny Blue eye
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Amazing concept and In the eyeball clear reflect of the child's , I like it....
Creative work. On the edge of an unknown universe.
Just a super chop. I actually thought I was also battling this one for the top spot.

The Blues BrothersFunny The Blues Brothers
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May I only suggest to make the poster more minimalist - make the glasses appear solid black instead of gradient photos.
Yes, I think it's more stylized as minimalist this way.
Congrats on your first gold, MiniS. Here's to many more.
Thanks Jim and Newsy. I'm really pleased.
Mythic film/band . And well done . Congrats

Bell Bottom BluesFunny Bell Bottom Blues
Member reactions: An Eric Clapton Classic
Sweet I made the link clickable for you too.

Red  White and BlueFunny Red White and Blue
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I'm Blue " How About UUUUUU "....
HUH. Clinton's Budget was in the Black---am I missing the point as usual.
Great colorful waters Very innovative wine brand names and their aging

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Thanks to: News Story
Well done... like the illustration of the glow of light good one
Light on the life, his face is very well shaded and looks fantastic with that expression
Quality art with excellent light and shadow work
Congrats on another golden nugget, Hitman.
Another great one hitspinner. Congrats on the gold
Whew, crazy day. been on the road to visit family, arrived to this wonderful surprise. You guys and gals made it a Merry Christmas indeed. Thank you Pat, Msgt Bob, AZ Woodbox, Doc, NM, Pree, Eric, Balodiya, Sulliishere and Rajesh. I've had a much appreciated winning streak but have to take a short break over the holidays. I hope you all flourish and prosper and your dreams come to pass. XXXOOO

Old Blue EyesFunny Old Blue Eyes
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He looks awesome in this avatar... the desert guy with a peaceful background is really a very cool place

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