Chillerama Blu-ray Review
Chillerama Blu-ray Review
Chillerama Blu-ray Review. MIXED TECHNIQUE ON PHOTOSHOP DIGITAL PAINTING BY HAND, AND SOURCE FOR THE BACKGROUND AND TEXTURE FOR jacket. Chillerama might seem creative if one hadnít already seen the Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez collaboration Grindhouse, featuring Planet Terror (Rodriguez) and Death Proof (Tarantino), the two directorsí tribute to low-budget, B-grade filmmaking, full of gore, grit, and exploitation.
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Fantastic work but there is a problem with the news link: The "blue ray reviews" is not news, but a product review. I found the news link for you for the Grindhouse restoration and edited your link. Please be more careful in the future with the news source selection.
Great painting, silver congrats PSMandrake.
Silver Congrats PSMandrake . . . nicely done
Congrats on the silver Mandrake. Great coloring and comp

Funny Format Wars DVD vs Blu-Ray

Format Wars DVD vs Blu-Ray
Format wars decided.

Funny Cool Blu Sports Car

Cool Blu Sports Car
More than 40 years after the muscle-car era, the powerful engines we crave are back. And most new cars and trucks have that one thing in common. link here
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lets hope i dont come across any speed ramps
damn they will pull you over just sitting at a red light..

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