Blowing Bubbles
Blowing Bubbles
Blowing Bubbles. Please view full
Member reactions:
Excellent chop. I would modify her feet position (orizontally) otherwise she looks balancing...
Silver congrats Hobbit. Always a pleasure to look at your chops
Very natural blending of the source photo and some impressive OOB work here.

Funny Blowing in the wind

Blowing in the wind
Or should that be. Twisting in the wind.
Member reactions:
I always knew they were airheads. Awesome Capitol Building Balloon.
Good Caricature and the Money is flowing all over the white house a new funding strategy goes in their mind
I am amazed.. this is wonderful work with the White-houses Roof on air and the Black smoke is out of the Box

Funny Blow Out

Blow Out
When you have a blowout near the finish line go to plan 'B'
Member reactions:
Congrats winning the Bronze penaplonk, great job.

Funny Man Blowing an Elephants Nose

Man Blowing an Elephants Nose
Member reactions:
Really funny... looks real good job done

Funny Astronaut Boy Blowing Bubbles by Manet

Astronaut Boy Blowing Bubbles by Manet
* boy-blowing-bubbles-Universum ...childish games... abstract philosophy... indecipherable reality ... and yes Edouard Manet and my...
Member reactions:
Wonderful... all bubbles blown were representing our earth So Lovely... excellent chop and the bowl idea good one
Good concept of bubble becoming planets to the Universe... Well I like the Helmet with the Mic
Congrats Lucido ... Great job . Love it .
Bravo,Lucido...un bellissimo lavoro.Complimenti...

Funny Joe Biden Blowing Up Michelle Obama

Joe Biden Blowing Up Michelle Obama
This happened after Barack left Hawaii.
Member reactions:
Very Funny Cute Kitten nice shadow work too
Laughing my arss off she looks so cute in this Chubby avatar
HA. Congratulations Dr. 'C' . You never fail to brighten my day with a bit of humor.
Thanks, everybody. I appreciate the kind comments.
congratulationnnns pcrdds... shes a beauty,,
Thanks, Miss pree. Thanks, silvercuspid.
Freaking hysterical, I say. Is this the result of her "Get Moving" campaign, . Congrats on the gold, Paul.
Thanks, Newsy. This is a result of her "healthy eating" campaign. Thanks, Bob.

Funny Blow UR Horn Joe

Blow UR Horn Joe
Member reactions:
Like the costume of the little cute dog So nice to see

Funny Blown Away

Blown Away
Member reactions:
really nice, but I can't help notice that the yellow background immediately behind the hair that has been changed, is a different tone. Like an aura. May be an easy fix adjusting levels and/or hue
Wonderful effects... Its real artist would be amazed to see the change great job done with usage of wind and the hair blowing away
Blowing wind effect to the beauty of the world artistic work with creative idea
Excellent work. I just wish the size were bigger. Congrats on the bronze, Shark.

Funny Germans Blow Off Steam!

Germans Blow Off Steam!
NOTE: Bruce Willis was born in Germany. Germans blow off steam with swearing hotline
Member reactions:
This is a really hotline like the fire near his ears and his stud on the nose
Superb. Nice message not to use the phone for a longer time otherwise the result would be like this
ha ha ha look at him I like the msg out there...some one hates his lady
Great chop d-dog ... the infamous snot bubble ... Congrats on the Bronze.

Funny Looter Stealing a Blow Up Doll

Looter Stealing a Blow Up Doll
Desperate times call for desperate measures....
Member reactions:
Had to laugh out loud when I saw this. Good job.

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