blowing 25,000.000.000
blowing 25,000.000.000
blowing 25,000.000.000. can't touch my money.. cause i ain't got none..

Funny I Blew My Fish

I Blew My Fish
News story
Member reactions:
here's the link:
I've put a link for you, but please read the contest directions on how to do it next time.

Funny Mitt Romney Practices His Boxing Skills with Blow Up Obama

Mitt Romney Practices His Boxing Skills with Blow Up Obama
Mitt Romney to box Evander Holyfield for Charity event on May 15th
Member reactions:
The dog will be the winner in a real match.
Sweat is a little milky, definitely a droid tip-off Funny one Doc. Dog is a great touch.
the dog. Congrats on top 5 too.

Funny Mind Blowing 2015

Mind Blowing 2015
May the only thing blown in 2015 be your mind..........The year of awakening

Funny Paintings Blowing Bubbles

Paintings Blowing Bubbles
Please view full
Member reactions:
Excellent chop. I would modify her feet position (orizontally) otherwise she looks balancing...
Silver congrats Hobbit. Always a pleasure to look at your chops
Very natural blending of the source photo and some impressive OOB work here.

Funny Barack Obama's Blow Up Doll

Barack Obama's Blow Up Doll
Member reactions:
Hilarious job.... if this happens then love definately hurts
Oh, boy, Michelle definitely looks hurt by this.
The only one who will never be hurted (in any way) by Obama is the doll
Bwhahahaah where to start. Daem, funny stuff.

Funny Man Blowing Up a Fish with a Hose

Man Blowing Up a Fish with a Hose
Member reactions:
This is so cool fish blown of water and drops coming out of its mouth is Hilarius
Awesome change to the surreal environment. The guy kinda reminds me Kratos here after you changed him Overall, top job.
Thanks Newsmaster, Icyalleyecan, ericnorthend. Kratos with giant ears.
this fish is eager to drink water and became fat. very crazy and well done
Bronze congrats hitspinner . Come back Kratos.
Nice work hitspinner. Congrats on the bronze. Watering that fish looks like serious work.
very clean and detailed work with amazing texture . congrats
This one including a couple of others got the top vote from me in this contest. Very funny composition. Thanks for the entertainment.
nice colors and comp... well done... congrats Hits.

Funny The Answer in Blowing in the Wind

The Answer in Blowing in the Wind
Students walk out of Arapahoe High School through the snow with their hands up. Another very sad day... Student Wounds Two in Colorado High School Shooting, Then Turns Gun on Self
Member reactions:
I read that they have discovered every mass murder school shooting has been directly related to psychiatric drugs as what all shooters had in common.

Funny Adele Blowing Out Her Candles

Adele Blowing Out Her Candles
Happy Birthday, Ms. Adele

Funny Snails Blow up a Salt Mine

Snails Blow up a Salt Mine

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