Soros, Gates and Bloomberg Bums.
Soros, Gates and Bloomberg Bums.
Soros, Gates and Bloomberg Bums.. Member reactions:
Looks like Ol' Bill is still pickin' up the tab. Excellent Chop.
Has a Norman Rockwell feel congrats 😎

Funny Mayor Bloomberg The Littlest Dictator of New York

Mayor Bloomberg The Littlest Dictator of New York
A Ban Too Far
Member reactions:
Funny. And, he's really about that size.
I think his brain is addled;funny chop. Good luck.
Good news link yes banning of trans-fat and restrict of colas in hotels were a good move towards a Healthy World good thought displayed in this chop
Very nice work its so clear I like this show
As long as Christina hendricks isn't banned from anything, I'm pretty well OK with any law.
Awesome work. Great to see you back Maksim.

Funny Waiter Bloomberg

Waiter Bloomberg
He makes a good waiter.
Member reactions:
I did comment on this earlier dunno where it went, anyways said nice work 'specially on the refection

Funny Bloomberg

Milkman of the Year Award. "And the winner is..."
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As the song goes "My very good friend, the milkman said"

Funny Bonging Bloomberg

Bonging Bloomberg
Member reactions:
head seems small in proportion to his body
That's cuz he's stoned Hehehe
Bwahahah U turtle dude Azure if ya suss out teh source pic ya'll see fits just right in
if u ask me, the only thing that seems small is the chamber on that thar BONG. passa to da left plz Gr8 chop Vyxie.
Thanx Stimpy
Haven't been here in a long time. . .I decided to pop in and couldn't help but notice the irony in seeing this in third place on the front page. Looks a lot like my last entry. Congrats on the win.
Then this also also may interest you GenSub
Looks like I need to get out my digicam and my JBD and give y'all some new bong source pics
Yeh they are hard to find aren't they, maybe I should do teh same.....

Funny Naked Bloomberg

Naked Bloomberg
... Cowboy
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He looks a bit like Tony Blair, don't ya think.
Rather intimate with Tony Blair, are we. Or did you mean the face.

Funny Bloomberg

"I'm just like you."
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This is pretty kool
New York. Looks like Miami.

Funny Ex-Mayors Koch and Giullani with Bloomberg on a Bridge

Ex-Mayors Koch and Giullani with Bloomberg on a Bridge
Ex-Mayors Koch and Giullani join now Mayor Bloomberg for a stroll. Maybe selling the old bridge could bring some revenue to the city.

Funny Mayor Bloomberg Hates Large Sodas

Mayor Bloomberg Hates Large Sodas
NYC proposes banning large soft drinks
Member reactions:
Thanks. I don't get it, though. I have a couple entries in this contest, and this one was, by far, the hardest to complete, and the most well done, and it is performing the worst in the votes. Oh well. Wouldn't be the 1st time.
Quality poster work, with clever concept behind it, but the size is rather small here
This is a good move if people stops drinking for more than 600 ml in a day can lead to healthy world
It is one standard screen long. I actually shrunk it. any bigger seems too big to me.
Please submit images in larger size. Our system automatically resizes them in contest view. And the full view is unresized, so members can enjoy both of them

Funny Mayor Bloomberg Buys a Big Gulp

Mayor Bloomberg Buys a Big Gulp
Member reactions:
What a joke;is that all our Politicians have to do. Perfect story to chop-good luck.
I'm sorry. I didn't see this one was posted earlier.
funny wherever use bean its become more funnier

Funny Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg
Help Michael Bloomberg in his re-election bid. Create images of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg doing things normally associated with the "common man" or the everyday New Yorker.

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