Blonde Soldier
Blonde Soldier
Blonde Soldier. Source
Member reactions:
So many added details, nice work with this.
This work is a good reason to add a link to source material. Found a version of "Legally Blonde 2" with google image search. Very nice and extensive work.
Creative work in many regards. The chihuahua in the uniform is a hoot.
I kinda knew this was yours MayUDream. One of the best entries.

Funny Legally Blonde Barbie Doll

Legally Blonde Barbie Doll
Original Poster

Funny Mona Lisa As Blonde Bombshell

Mona Lisa As Blonde Bombshell
Member reactions:
Very interesting work. My critique is that the light source on the left side of the hair doesn't seem to conform to the shadow under her chin. And her face tones are slightly lighter than her neck and chest tones, but overall good work. cheers.
She's a bit on the homely side for a bombshell.

Funny Blond Camel

Blond Camel
Check out Moe's Blond Camel sweet.

Funny Blonde John Edwards as a Woman

Blonde John Edwards as a Woman
Member reactions:
Perfect. If I didn't know better I swear this is what he really looked like.. Awesome job...very natural.
You know. Dude would have made a really good looking woman.

Funny John Edwards with Blonde Hair After the Shower

John Edwards with Blonde Hair After the Shower

Funny Elvis as a Girl with Blonde Hair

Elvis as a Girl with Blonde Hair
Member reactions:
Elvis is alive & well...and living in San Francisco.

Funny Legally Blonde Divorce Movie

Legally Blonde Divorce Movie
Moive poster about the breakup.

Funny Dumb blonde

Dumb blonde
"True" Blonde
Member reactions:
I love it. looks quite similar to magazine ads.
I would like to see this in Vogue or a similar magazine. See if anybody notices the difference... The crossed eyes add a special touch to this.

Funny Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde
There is no blonde like Marilyn, and that's the law.

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