Bulldog with Blond Hair and Painted Nails
Bulldog with Blond Hair and Painted Nails
Bulldog with Blond Hair and Painted Nails.

Funny White Cat with Blond Long Hair

White Cat with Blond Long Hair

Funny Hare with Blond Hair

Hare with Blond Hair
Member reactions:
So weird and hilarious. It reminds me a goat now.

Funny Dog with Blond Hair

Dog with Blond Hair
Source. Our dog.
Member reactions:
Pretty but I'd add some shadows from the wig, especially the locks on the forehead
If I was into dogs, I would be into this one.

Funny Blond Hair Blue Eyes John McCain

Blond Hair Blue Eyes John McCain
Used Rainmans Tutorial on texture here as well. THANKS Rainman
Member reactions:
Before reading the caption I thought it was Robert Redford.
looks a little grainy and pixelated, I would at least blur out the background. clean blend though.
I have made several ver' Jerry, will pop another up for a while
That hair has got to belong to Boris Johnson - Mayor of London.. Would recognise that unruly mop anywhere..
, nice job... I don't why but it reminds me of Donald Trump...
Silver for two Johns - McCain and John the Swede-master. Congrats.
Congrats John, nice blend and well done Now I think he should get a toupee and run in 2012 under the meatball party...
best work john... i love it congratulations
Congrats John. My first thought was Kato Kaelin, the guy that stayed at the OJ Simpson home around the time of the trial, Great job.
Splendid Job... Sort of an amazing blend of features. Looks like you could have put him in a polo shirt and a PGA hat, eh. That blond... he's ready to play Tiger hahahaha Great Job.
congrats johnx I liked this so much .. nice to see you win again

Funny Blonde Mr Spock In Legally Blonde Movie

Blonde Mr Spock In Legally Blonde Movie
Member reactions:
I know that's style of Designs good luck my friend
Legally perfect. Top job here and clever idea
This blonde has golden hair after all - congratulations on pure gold.
Thanks all The real trek movie looks like a good one.
golden hair, golden trophy. congratulations rain ))
A blonde Vulcan. Highly illogical. Well done AZ. Like the neck connections

Funny Legally Blonde at Night

Legally Blonde at Night
Agonized over whether to go stylized or realistic. Went for stylized, hence lurid colors. Source
Member reactions:
Not wanting to use just filters, I lit up Congress. Man, they have got some supersized candles in there
Superb. For extra effect I'd make the dog's eyes glowing in the dark
Thanks, Hitspinner. NM - Are we allowed to change our entries once voting's started. I like the dog glowing eyes idea.

Funny Bendy Blonde Woman

Bendy Blonde Woman
Member reactions:
nice work, but a little disturbing.. love it

Funny Obama with Blonde Hair

Obama with Blonde Hair

Funny Monalisa Blond

Monalisa Blond
Member reactions:
,, the new modern mona lisa. is that cindy margolis.
She's kinda cute. Way more ... than Mona.
I love how you combined a feel of modern woman with the old classic painting. This is the Mona of today. Congratulations on the Wood, Mandrak.
Congrats Mandrak Mona gets a woodie.
Congrats Mandrak. Another great ren pic and nice blend.
Congrats on the woody Mandrak. great painting as usual.
Congrats on the Woody Mandrak, very nicely done integration..
I'm trying use this photoshop thing but I hve no clue how to play with it.

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