Captain Blobfish
Captain Blobfish
Captain Blobfish. Face is a real Blobfish, they are so cute, under water their bodies are firm, out of water they become a Blob.
Member reactions:
Might help to add a slight shadow from the bill of his cap.
He looks like he has had some high seas adventures in his life..lovely pic
This is awesome. Would be great art for a children's book.
Nice Work, Hobbit. Is the picture he's holding his mother or Wife. Blobfish soup...Yum. (:
Thanks A lot, each of you, SplatShot, the pic is his Sweetie.

Funny Save the Blobfish

Save the Blobfish
Grumpy-looking blobfish in danger of being wiped out
Member reactions:
Hey Barney (Frank) you got your mug on a wanted poster.
Hilarious chop, loved the text Renegade.

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