God blessed the USA
God blessed the USA
God blessed the USA. Member reactions:
Another knee-slapper, HH. The job on Uncle Joe is too comical and spot on.
Yes Hits, I see it as Joe "The Hugger" Binden couldn't let the flag-hugging Trump outdo him.

Funny God Bless America!

God Bless America!
Member reactions:
Thanks, all my days seems like a weekend, as I no longer can work.
Congrats , that would really look good at her base.
Another good one. Congrats on the Wood, Andrew.

Funny Rugby Player Being Blessed by the Pope

Rugby Player Being Blessed by the Pope
Getting Blessed by Dope Biden before the Game….
Member reactions:
Well finished.... the player looks blessed by the Dope
Perfect merge great molding to make this looks original. cool idea

Funny Dolly Parton God Bless America

Dolly Parton God Bless America
Member reactions:
God Bless America, long live America Happy 4th like the designer car


Member reactions:
Great job. Let me suggest you replace the "backwards" Twenty.
Thank you mr. NM and thank you mr. P.thank you for pointing out the mistake.it was actually $50.turned upside down.

Funny The Blessing of Chong

The Blessing of Chong
Member reactions:
Fabulous Chop ...
Fabulous so great work, wonderful merge looks so real
Excellent chop done over the original great job mind blowing art work created "HIDDEN" well done
Aha. our resident genius wins another gold. Congratulations Mark ...
Great expression-great chop. Congratulations.
Gold congrats, Man Of Rain. Made me laugh out loud over and over.
Gold Congrats Man-of-Rain ....
'bout time you finally won something. But be careful, i'm just a few cups away mister.
Congrats on the gold, Rain. A modernized masterpiece here.
Warm easy, inviting face. I like to softness. Reflection in the glasses works especially well for me.

Funny God Bless America

God Bless America
(In England it's required for everyone under 75 to pay a yearly license fee for their televisions.)
Member reactions:
Yeah and we have to pay to get Satellite TV on top of the £112 licence fee.
To get the full Sky package costs £41 a month and we still have to pay a Licence fee for just four channels, BBC 1,2,3,4. Mind you, we do get lots of Radio stations. None of the BBC programmes have adverts.

Funny Blessed Beer

Blessed Beer
In these trying times, Samuel Adams just isn't good enough.
Member reactions:
Will someone please tell Michael Jackson that we found the real Jesus Juice.
Well, shoot, there goes my ad for "He'Brew"
Thank you lord for thow blessed brew. Great Work.

Funny Jimi Hendrix Playing God Bless America

Jimi Hendrix Playing God Bless America
Land that I love.

Funny One Nation Blessed

One Nation Blessed
This image was created with my own photo as a background source photo. The Eagle came from photoshopfaceoff.com All the rest was created at Ribbett.com

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