Logo after blending apple with vodka
Logo after blending apple with vodka
Logo after blending apple with vodka. Member reactions:
The apple doesn't appear like it's inside the blender.

Funny Blending

Hard part was the tire tracks. No tracks, no image. Truck can't just "be there" had to "get there" SOURCES:
Member reactions:
Love it, Hidden. Its like it rode right out of a dream. The bad dog and tag-plate are the sugared topping.
Thank's Splat, on this final show, that means a lot.
Thanks SO, bummer it had to start the final show with a D
So clean and brilliant I am jealous. Perfect...

Funny Palcohol Martini Blends

Palcohol Martini Blends
8 grams sachets

Funny Chris Brown blended with Rihanna

Chris Brown blended with Rihanna

Funny Girl Blending Into the Purple Background

Girl Blending Into the Purple Background

Funny John McCain's Blended Family

John McCain's Blended Family
Member reactions:
All of them are done well, but Biden as a granny really cracks me up.

Funny Blended Beauty

Blended Beauty
Composite of Angelina Jolie, Cher, Marilyn Monroe and Madonna. Can you figure out which parts are from who. (Full View Please )
Member reactions:
I wonder whose dirty pillows were used...
PUZZLE KEY :Angelina's body and face structure (including her bridge of nose and eyebrows). Marilyn's nostrils and beauty mark. Cher's lips. Madonna's eye's (somehow my dad got this right, not even knowing who was in the mix...) and hair. I think she ended up looking a lot like a younger Roseanna Arquette. Go figure. 'Twas fun to "play god"
... I am in awe (and a little scared) of your talent

Funny Starbucks brine-blend

Starbucks brine-blend
Still one on every corner
Member reactions:
thank you very much, I'm new at this .
Very good for a n00b, I might say. Excellent idea.

Funny Folgers Eclipse Coffee Blend

Folgers Eclipse Coffee Blend
Member reactions:
clever concept. May work as a read advert

Funny Blending Images Together

Blending Images Together
Member reactions:
I wonder what comes out if you turn that blender on.

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