Mona Blair
Mona Blair
Mona Blair. Member reactions:
Another phenomenal job, perfectly matched to the painting. Quality work Denlig.
This is really great. Hard to believe it didn't make top 4. Really tough competition in this contest.
I thought about doing this theme but decided to go "funny creepy" with the Mona Lisa instead. Great job and big congrats on a well done piece
Another excellent pallet and lighting blend

Funny Tony Blair with Double Vision

Tony Blair with Double Vision

Funny Prince Charles Marries Toby Blair

Prince Charles Marries Toby Blair
Charles & Tony
Member reactions:
Very British indeed - looks like a natural match.

Funny 3 Political Women Blair, Sarkozy and Cheney

3 Political Women Blair, Sarkozy and Cheney
Lady Blair, madame Sarkozy and גברת Netanyahu
Member reactions:
You've got Blair's head sticking through the woman's hair, hidden. Otherwise, it's hysterical.
pcrdds, That's good catch, I didn't even notice it, Kinda thought it was a head band
great blend.... and matching expressions of their faces
I would adjust Sarkozy's face tone (the cheek part is matched perfectly though). Great chop otherwise.
Congrats luciano,great blend,perfect colors.

Funny Tony Blair The Queen's New Clock Winder

Tony Blair The Queen's New Clock Winder
The Queen of England needs someone to wind up her clocks. I don't think Tony Blair has anything else to do.
Member reactions:
Wind her clocks. Is that what they call it these days.
So, I see the Queen wears red underwear, Very funny. Excellent Job.
Winding thousand clocks every day is really a He-Man Job and the attractive pay package of $50000.00 per year awesome money for this odd job
Thanks, everyone. Sorry to disappoint you, Newsy, but I found all these clocks as is.
Congrats on the win, Paul. It's great job anyways. Look at the Queen's undies, .
CONGRATS...funny and looks like it took a lot of TIME
Thanks, Newsy...couldn't resist the undies. Thanks, DDB.
Congratulations on the 3fer Paul. Your the King of Freaky News
Thanks, Bob. Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Splat. I'm more like the "Court Jester," Splat.

Funny Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair in American Gothic Painting

Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair in American Gothic Painting
Member reactions:
That is Tony Blair, Labour leader. David Cameron is the current leader of the Conservative Party. Margaret Thatcher was a Conservative.
Sorry, I was trying my hand at humor. I guess it backfired. I was commenting on the fact that Hidden Author opted to show Blair, but left Cameron out...even though Cameron is implied in the title of the piece. Was this an error, or is there some sort of subtle irony here.
Awesome.... Great job done in this makeover ... the Gothic couple looks great with new faces Maggie looks awesome like it
Lol. Maggie would turn in her grave at being linked with Tony Blair. They were on opposite sides politically. It is like putting Obama and Condolezza Rice together. Nice chop and the thought was there.

Funny George Bush and Tony Blair Sherifs

George Bush and Tony Blair Sherifs
tony blair and george bush starring....please view in Hd

Funny The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project

Funny Tony Blair big head

Tony Blair big head

Funny Tony Blair Drops In on Royal Wedding

Tony Blair Drops In on Royal Wedding
Tony brings a gift but,I think it's leaking,what could it be.
Member reactions:
Hahaha, Tony appeared out of the blue with some presents.

Funny Tony Blair

Tony Blair
This Thursday in England Tony Blair announced his resignation as leader of the Labour Party and started a 50 day countdown to his resignation as prime minister post in July. He plans to come back to law practicing and become a goodwill ambassador to Africa. That's what poor Africa needs right now - more lawyers. This will mark the end of ten years he's held the office. In this contest you are asked to photoshop Tony Blair any way you like. An example may be showing what he will do next, after he resigns as prime minister. Feel free to use paintings, or photos as your sources.

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