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Funny Blackberry Pictures

Barack Obama Holding a Starbucks BlackBerryFunny Barack Obama Holding a Starbucks BlackBerry
Member reactions:

Congrats salis. great work and excellent concept. One of my fav in this contest
With all the bailout "bucks", everything should turn green.
Love the perspective of this. Great job.
Congrats on the bronze salis, nice chop..

The Blackberry TreeFunny The Blackberry Tree
Member reactions:

Very very nice. shame it isn't larger though
i really like this... nice work unconnected

Blackberry on a FingerFunny Blackberry on a Finger
Member reactions:

George Washington on his BlackberryFunny George Washington on his Blackberry
Member reactions:

Does the cane work as an antenna.
Good job. I wish the source image was bigger

Blackberry 'Retro' Flip PhoneFunny Blackberry 'Retro' Flip Phone
Member reactions:

Blackberry Flip Phone Rumor
Angles and lighting don't match, but a great idea.
Bronze Blackberry for Mr Mo - congratulations.

Blackberry for WomenFunny Blackberry for Women
Member reactions:

Now with a reflective screen mode for applying makeup.
this is really the contest concept, thanks, also well done

BlackberryFunny Blackberry
Member reactions:

Blackberry BushFunny Blackberry Bush
Member reactions:

Ripening Blackberries.

Ouija BlackberryFunny Ouija Blackberry
Member reactions:

Enter a question and watch the planchette do its magic. View full please... (Thanks for the suggestions...tried some techniques to LCD-ize it)
I think a little sumthin-sumthin to help make the screen look more LCD-ish would have put it over the top, maybe some DeInterlace. Other than that, a very creative and well-executed chop, good work.
I knew there was a reason to have that Sepia Tone effect.

Adobe BlackberryFunny Adobe Blackberry
Member reactions:

You know you want one.
Yes I want one. Try to copy or use the shadow on the display in the original image (on the left side and at the top of the display) That way it'll look more like it's really on the screen. It looks a bit 'copy pasted' now. It probably needs to be transformed a bit too. Make a little bit smaller so you can see the edges of the border around the display. The toolS are great.
Great attention to detail on the buttons. And where can I get that.

BlackberryFunny Blackberry - Using an of a Blackberry, create anything that incorporates the Blackberry or pieces from this device. Images can be of living or inanimate objects. Your submission must use the pieces, parts or whole Blackberry found in the link.

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