Black turtleneck and jeans from Apple for the topless superman
Black turtleneck and jeans from Apple for the topless superman
Black turtleneck and jeans from Apple for the topless superman. Member reactions:
All the people of the world look with curiosity at this little, bald arrogant shorty from Russia

Funny Paint it black

Paint it black

Funny Giant Black Cat

Giant Black Cat
Member reactions:
Great execution and idea. Reflection in the floor gives it believability

Funny Black swan parody

Black swan parody

Funny Black dird

Black dird

Funny Big Daddy Black

Big Daddy Black
Tribute to Ed "Big Daddy" Roth
Member reactions:
Cool Concept. Reminds of Big Daddy Ed Roth and Coop's Illustrations...
Thanks Krypto, your right, it was built around Big Daddy's illustrations, with Jack Black as the Hot Rod Monster...

Funny Falls to Black

Falls to Black
Member reactions:
One of my favs in the contest, love the movie special effects feel, Awesome Job Splat..
Thanks, Gummy, Lu, and Uncle-C Glad you like it. Just monkeying around with some layer modes and color. I think it turned out pretty kewl.

Funny Jack Black

Jack Black

Funny Black Day

Black Day

Funny Black is Back

Black is Back

Funny Black or White?

Black or White?
Genetics experts already called this a miracle - a British black couple gave birth to a white baby with natural white skin, blonde hair and blue eyes, and is NOT an albino. Theoretically, white genes in mixed-race people can be hidden and carried for generations without any visual signs, because white genes are easily dominated by black genes. Such mixed-race people may have absolute "blond" babies in rare cases. However this is not the case with the British black couple, because neither husband Ben nor wife Angela have ANY mixed-race family history. That's why genetic scientists called this case a miracle. The parents decided to call their blond baby Nmachi, meaning "Beauty of God" in Nigerian. Upon reading this news, lines from timeless M. Jackson song "Black or White" come to mind: But, If Youíre Thinkiní About My Baby It Donít Matter If Youíre Black Or White Scientists call this a genetic miracle, but we know what miracles Photoshop can do. How would white celebrities or politicians look as black people? With their skin color change would their lifestyle change too? Similarly, how would black celebrities or politicians look as white people?

Funny Jack Black

Jack Black
This Friday, American actor, comedian, and musician Jack Black will be celebrating his 40th birthday. His acting career is extensive, starring primarily as bumbling, cocky, but internally self-conscious outsiders in comedy films. Black also makes up one half of the comedy and heavy metal music duo Tenacious D. The group has two albums and a full-length film. To mark the 40th birthday of Jack Black, photoshop him any way you wish. Some examples are: show what other movies Jack Black could have starred in, Jack Black in paintings, his hobbies and personal life. These are just some ideas.

Funny Black Celebrities

Black Celebrities
In this contest you are asked to show us how (white) celebrities (or politicians) would look if they were black. You can either simply darken the skin, or go further and add African American features to (white) celebrities (hair, etc). For example, take a look at what we did to Howard Dean last elections. Alternatively turn any black celebrities (or politicians) white.

Funny Black Celebrities

Black Celebrities
Show what white politicians and celebrities would look like as black people. Alternatively show how black celebrities would look with white skin and facial features.

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