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Interesting merge. Nice blue big diamond.

Funny Angry Birds Poland movie

Angry Birds Poland movie

Funny Bird Expecting Twins

Bird Expecting Twins

Funny Bird Flying in The Great Indoors

Bird Flying in The Great Indoors
Here's something a little different. It all started with a photo of the Paris Opera. Please view ORIGINAL
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Well, you're going to have to post the original for us to do that. So far I love it.
Hits--There's a row of links just above your comment. One of them says ORIGINAL. Please click it to see this entry full size. I will post a link to the primary SOURCE image when I get a minute.
Funny thing---Just noticed that on one of my computers, the link says UNRESIZED. On the other it says ORIGINAL....But anyway...
Here's the link to the main source image. PARIS OPERA
I can see the original at full size. This is an excellent entry.
Congrats on the wood LunaC. Very nicely done. I love the fisherman in the middle. So much to look at. It's like a complex 3d Where's Waldo.
Congrats on the Wood, LunaC ... full view is quite cool.
Stunning. Just stunning. So well done. Sorry I am late getting back. Had a busy day. Congrats on the woody.

Funny Bob Marley as Three Little Stoned Birds

Bob Marley as Three Little Stoned Birds
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Very funny. Maybe cigarette on the left should produce a different shadow.
That's funny. Well done, Doc. Bronze for your bong
, congrats on the win. Boy, I really did like this guy.

Funny Little Elf with Birds

Little Elf with Birds
"Don't worry about a thing, 'Cause every little thing gonna be alright. Singing' "Don't worry about a thing, 'Cause every little thing gonna be alright."
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Thanks. It is definitely beyond an artful cut and paste. It was a fun build
Thanks Bob, Andrew, Gummy, Doc, Luciano, eric, CO, Pat, thanks, your 10 won this for me Kissies hehehe and Newsy
This is simply the cutest one yet, the child's face is adorable, congrats on yet another piece of art.

Funny Freaky Skull Bird

Freaky Skull Bird
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Freaky Bird has some equally freaky running mates Outstanding Unique.
Beautiful and Scary... like a baby with a gun.
Your imagination is ever-increasing and original to be sure. Congratulations.
Congrats on the silver Hitspinner,weird and funky,just like I like it
One heck of a imagination, congrats on the win.
Silver congrats, Tim. Bizarre, but great job.
This one tells a story about me. Thanks all
So Freaky Bird is part of the HitMan story. hahahah Gotta Silver Congrats on dat..
Wild flight of imagination. Congrats on the silver, Hits.
congrats on the silver Hitmaster. It's spooky and humorous all in one.

Funny The Birds Minimalist Movie Poster

The Birds Minimalist Movie Poster
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I hope behind Hitchcock is Minimalist Movie Posters.
I think the whole poster was meant to be minimalist, but it is not disqualified so must be OK.
Another one that I thought would not qualify though also well done. Top 5 congrats
Top 5 - congrats, Andrew. It's a bit borderline rule-wise. I'd make the poster the main focus here, not the background, then it'd be perfect - say Hitchcock holing a poster in front of him

Funny Pope Names New Cardinal Birds

Pope Names New Cardinal Birds
Pope names new Cardinals
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Thanks, Swash, luciano, Christine, Tim and Newsy.

Funny Winter Birds

Winter Birds
Most birds fly south in the winter. The question is, if we could provide our feathered friends with warm winter clothes, would they stick around even through the coldest months? Bird winter clothes are available and sold in many pet shops. Photoshop any birds wearing warm clothes for the winter (coats, hats, boots, etc). Any birds are accepted in this contest, even the exotic birds that never saw winters. Many thanks to LunaC for the themepost.

Funny Birds of Fashion

Birds of Fashion
Bird clothes are becoming popular among bird owners. People buy fashionable stuff for their birds, ranging from simple decorative clothes to whole hoodies and whole warm "flight suits" to keep their birds warm during winter. The full flight suits sport a so-called bird diaper bag, that needs to be emptied every 3-4 hours. This way the bird will not crap on anyone's head or neighbors' car. What will they think of next? Photoshop "birds of fashion", wearing any clothes, hats, glasses, and/or jewelry items.

Funny Dino Birds

Dino Birds
Say hello to Microraptor - a newly discovered flying feathered dinosaur that liked to catch fish, like eagles. Microraptor lived about 120 million years ago, and is yet another link in the scientific theory that says all birds descended from smaller species of dinosaurs. Scientists like to affectionately call all dinosaurs with feathers "fuzzy dinosaurs". Combine any type of dinosaur with any bird, thus creating a new species. You can also also use lizard photos as sources, since it's hard to find good dinosaur images. P.S. Don't forget that penguins are birds too :)

Funny Bird Flu

Bird Flu
Bird flu (avian influenza) outbreak that started in Africa is now spreading to China, Mexico, US, and Europe. The new mutation of this virus is dangerous not only to birds but also to humans, who may get it through close contact with infected birds. If not treated properly within the first week of infection, bird flu can be deadly. Millions of bird flu masks will soon be needed if the virus spreads to any big cities. Photoshop birds being sick with bird flu, and how they may cope with it. Here's a good example.

Funny Big Bird Abuse

Big Bird Abuse
Ever since Romney mentioned "Big Bird" at last week's debate, the Sesame Street character has been in the spotlight and now stars in a new ad from President Obama's campaign. The message from the Romney campaign? "Enough already!" Online and on social media, Obama's team has been actively pushing the Big Bird criticism of Romney, including the correlation between Sesame Street and tighter regulations on Wall Street they claim Romney opposes. Obama's team has also deployed a person dressed in a yellow bird costume to Romney's campaign events in order to drive home their message. Sesame Street is upset about the blatant use of its very much children's character, Big Bird, in Obama's ad for political purposes. "Pull the ad, or else", they said. Photoshop Big Bird any way you wish. Showing how Big Bird could be misused by Obama election team is a plus.

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